August 22, 2012

nine months old

Dear Madeline,

Yesterday you officially became nine months old.  For the past week your daddy has been calling you a nine-month-old and every time I corrected him saying we still have a few more days with our eight-month-old baby.  Time is going by too quickly! 

You are just the sweetest baby.  You rarely get fussy, even when you're tired.  You're always willing to share a smile to brighten my day.  Some of your favorite toys are a pasta utensil, the keys, books, a pair of mittens and/or socks and your tooth brush.  Which I find to be very fitting seeing as you are the daughter of a dental student. Not only do you love to play with books but you love reading them too.  You and I love to get all snuggled up and read.  You listen to stories pretty well, too.  

Your curiosity inspires me. Whenever you have an object in each hand you hit them together because you love finding out what sound they will make together.  You are observant and smart.  You already know several 'ASL' signs that you do frequently such as "more" and "all gone/done".  You're starting to understand the word "no" but it's hit or miss whether you'll listen.  You can clap and do clap every time you hear someone else clapping, even if it's on the tv or radio.  You wave "hi" and "bye" but not often to strangers.  You can also point to your mouth when we ask you where your teeth are.  You have had four teeth for several months now and your fifth one popped in just yesterday.  You now have three on top and two on bottom.  

You pull to a stand on everything, open cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and you love looking at your reflection in the shine-y oven door.  We have to keep a close eye on you these days.  Lately you've been thinking about walking.  You can stand unsupported for a little bit and you walk like a champion if we hold your hands.  We've decided we're ok with you not beating my record (the day before nine months).  It slows you down quite a bit and you already crawl so fast!

Daddy and I feel so blessed to have you as our little girl. Every day you do more than one thing to make us laugh because you are just so cute!  Sometimes I wish you could stay at this age forever. But I've felt that way about every day of your life and every day gets better and better.  Thank you for bringing so much light into our home.  I often wonder what great things the Lord has in store for you and who you'll become as you grow older.  I love you so much. 

Love forever and always,

P.S. There are a lot of pictures.  But you are my first child eating spaghetti for the first time and this is my blog so lots of pictures it is!

This meal was made possible by our AMAZING new high chair
sorry for you the price just went up twenty bucks... 
But we love it and we'd highly recommend it!

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  1. she's a day younger than my lil miss Mali is. what a beautiful girl you have there. Mali doesn't eat spaghetti yet but she likes mac n cheese. what big girls we have:):) haha they both love to get into everything:)


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