March 30, 2015


 Life is a series of fleeting moments. In just one year a baby is born, then learns to nurse and sleep (hopefully), how to hold her head up and smile. He'll learn to roll over, reach for toys and before you know it they're sitting, then crawling and walking and running. It goes by SO FAST! Sometimes I'm insanely grateful to move on from a moment, but the beautiful moments slip away just as easily as hard ones. 

I hope I don't forget the way Luke is trying his best to keep up with his sister these days. He wants to ring the doorbell like her, color with her and put a board book on the piano for "music".  He often carries a spoon around, probably so he's always ready when food is officered, because man can this boy eat! This week he started sitting at the table and he LOVES being more included. He's figured out that he can get a lot of praise for putting things away like diapers and wipes (score) and every time we say his name he reaches for his nose because finding it is his new trick and he's pretty excited about it.

I hope I don't forget the endless coloring projects Madeline starts. Or the tiny pieces of paper she cuts that end up all over the floor. She asks me to curl her hair almost every morning and the few mornings we get to it she beams with delight watching her locks bounce up and down. She can drive me to the brink of insanity one moment and the next she's saying the sweetest thing like, "Thanks for coming home, daddy. I love it when you're here." She pulls us all into a family hug each night after prayers and I think it's kind of the greatest.

I take pictures to capture moments, big and small, so they can remain memories. Otherwise we will forget. And there are so many things about life I don't want to forget. 

March 26, 2015

sunshine, practice and baby blowing kisses

^^ I love the stage where they constantly look like 
they're about to fall over but they never do. ^^

^^ Not pictured, the cutest little boy bringing me a three flower bouquet.
He was so excited, it happened fast. ^^

^^ She thinks they're supposed to hold hands in every picture together. 
.... he disagrees. ^^

^^ He blew me the sweetest kiss. ^^

^^ Then he blew one for daddy, too. ^^

There are a lot of reasons I'm bombarding the internet with yet MORE photos of my adorable children. For example, it's actually warm outside which means I finally have the desire to practice with my new camera and I have subjects who aren't cold and miserable. I was also trying out a new lens (85mm is pretty tight inside our house). Add to that I've started using BBF (back button focus) and it's been a bit of an adjustment (although I'm making great progress!). I guess all this boils down to my camera and I have been getting restless inside the past couple months ;) and we were eager to practice in the sunshine.

Last note: I LOVE our neighborhood, and I'm really looking forward to more walks and more green :)

March 25, 2015

we found the sun on SUNday

^^ why can't they smile at the same time... :) ^^

^^ "Okay guys, look at mommy and smile!"  #attitude ^^

I feel pretty comfortable saying this winter has been the hardest one I can remember. It feels like it's been oh so long since we've enjoyed the warm sun on our skin. Spring seems to be taunting us here in Baltimore... I know it won't last forever, but it's starting to feel like it might.

Sunday the sun came out from behind the clouds and even though it was still chilly, it felt good to pretend spring was here. And these kiddos, they're the best aren't they?! It's especially good to remember how great they CAN be, because today has been one of those days where too many things have been broken, chewed on, and basically my buttons were all pushed a long time ago.... Happy Wednesday loves.