March 31, 2011

I love being alive

Even if this house is extremely small, there's a few things I love about it.
One of those things is the window next to our bed
{Jer called the side of the bed you can get out on, 
 but little did he know how awesome the window side is - so ha}

Right now I'm just laying in bed, enjoying the fact that my teacher cancelled class today, breathing in the fresh spring air, listening to the birds, and enjoying this time to be alive! 

 'It really is a wonderful Life!'
{Can you believe my husband hadn't seen that movie until like last year???
Thank goodness he met me haha}

But really, its such a great day to be alive.
{I apologize for all the bum posts I've made in the past, I'll try to be more positive from now on}

I was thinking about a talk Elder Scott gave last September entitled "To Have Peace and Happinesss"
In it he reads from his wife's journal, which she wrote while sick with a terminal illness. 
{The entire talk is great, but this is one of my favorite parts}

"It is a beautiful day. I picked up the mail, and sat down on the swing.  I was so happy and content in the  warm sun, the sweet smell of nature and the trees around me.  I just sat and gloried in the fact that I'm still alive on this earth.  The Lord has been so good to me.  How I thank him that I'm still here, and feeling so good.  I am so happy.  I just want to shout and dance through this beautiful house as the sun streams into the beatuiful windows.  I love being alive."

What a blessing it is to be here, on this beautiful earth.  
I am healthy, and strong, and young, and smart. 
I get to go to school at one of the top universities in the country. 
I have a roof over my head, and food to eat.  
Clothes to wear and a place to sleep. 
I have a family who loves me.  I was born of goodly parents. 
I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me and writes me little love notes and tells me he loves me in every possible way so many times a day.  
I have a Heavenly Father who loves me, and a Savior who atoned for my sins.  
I have been blessed in so many ways.

So here's to you life, with all your mysteries and splendors.  Your magical moments, and your despairs. 
You really are worth living.

March 30, 2011


Do you ever have projects that end up taking you
(a) way longer than you expected
(b) way longer than you wanted to spend
(c) an embarrassingly long time...?

That was me today editing this blog you're looking at right now
{Please tell me you noticed}

I think it looks pretty cute :)
And springy - which is what I want asap

Guess what - only 2 more weeks of classes

I'm so excited - but not for finals. 

Also, my ice-skating recital is in one week
{kind of excited about that one too}
I'll do my best to get some pictures :) 

Well thats about all for now, just off to work tonight. 
Sorry I don't have much to report, maybe when we have kids I'll have cute pictures and stories to share with you, but thats all for now!


March 28, 2011

And the walls came tumbling down

And by walls I mean plans...

April 25 - 27 was supposed to be spent in arches national park.
Husband and I were going to camp and have fun and sleep in and make s'mores and sleep under the stars and go hiking and and have fun falling in love - more.
But now we get to spend that time in the car.
{Well, more like the 23rd in}
But still!
You get my point.

Apparently Arches National Park is like popular and lots of people like to go there, and if you want to camp there you have to reserve it in advance
what the heck???
Nobody told us!

So basically we didn't realize a reservation was needed for a campsite - a hotel, yes, but a campsite?
Its true.

I'm really bummed....
I've been looking forward to this for so long.
And now we have to wait a year.
Ever feel like every time you do something it falls apart?
Something always manages to come in the way?
Thats how I feel right now...
Poor husband is beating himself up - but he really shouldn't!
Its just a little mistake we both made.

I'm still excited for next year, but I'm kind of scared it won't happen, you know?
I guess I just don't want to be disappointed again.
But husband promise we would, so that means we will :)

At least we'll be home for Easter - I guess thats a plus.

March 25, 2011

Baby its (still) cold outside

Well - I headed off to class this morning all ready to enjoy a nice spring day :)
Instead I exited our treehouse to this:

Which ended up turing into this:

Which resulted in this: 

Ok not really... but I miss my sisters :( And this is a very funny picture hehe 
{Not sure where Elizabeth is.....}

It actually resulted in like a frowny face/grumpy me... but you get the point.

Lets just say I chose the wrong day to wear fabric flats

And I have a cold that doesn't appreciate being outside in the cold 
{Wow I'm really on one today}

But on the bright side, Husband is AMAZING and has been catering to my every need
even the ones that don't need to be tended to. 

And I love him :)

And guess what - when I woke up this morning I had an eyelash in my eye
{well what I thought was an eyelash}
After a few mins of trying to get it out of my eye, and poking myself in the eye several times, and crying because my eye was watering/it hurt a little bit, I got out a 1.5 inch hair that was black (dark brown)
Guess who that came from???
I got it out, but man it hurt! 
Quesiton #1 How did it get in there?
Question #2 .... ok I don't have anymore questions. 

All I know is that my head hurts, and I want to go to sleep, but I have a hw assignment due soon, and I shouldn't be complaining because husband went to bed at 4:30 last night!!!!
{Stupid econ paper/book} 

Well yeah... that's probably enough rambling for one post


March 21, 2011


Its hard to believe that there's only one more month of school!
This semester has gone by oh so quickly
{Thank goodness}
It's been a busy and exhausting couple of months and we are ready for a break.
It looks like we'll be heading back up to Spokane for the summer
I'm so excited!
This will probably be one of the last times we get to spend much time with our families
{Before dental school that is - and who knows where we'll be}
Anyhoo, we're excited!

We're also, on the way to Spokane, going to take a trip to Arches National Park :)
We got our camping stuff back from Jeremy's sister last Saturday and we're getting pumped!
We both love being outdoors and hiking and stuff so it's gonna be fun

We'll spend the rest of the summer working and spending time with family
I'll probably take a few online courses  - knock some more GEs out of the water

Just a funny story about how awesome my husband is :)
So Jeremy was in the bathroom and I was doing something at the kitchen sink 
{Right next to the bathroom}
He came out and I thought I heard running water.
I looked over and sure enough our toilet was flooding everywhere
Like not just your typical little over flow - so much water! and rushing out FAST!
All I could do was stare and say, "Jer...." 
Before I knew it he was in there, shut off the water, started plunging and mopped up all the water
I wouldn't have even thought to turn off the water!
{Yes I am an idiot}
But that's why I love my husband :) 
Because he's so smart and can fix anything!!! 

I love you babe 

March 18, 2011

Success is mine!

Last night I made eggplant parmigiana!

Not only did I think it was delicious but husband didn't talk through most of dinner
{Because he was shoving it down}
And after wards he was full
{go me!}
and he kept telling me how good it was :) 


Then this morning I got up and did a great work out 
{I'm sore already... tomorrow will be fun!}
But it felt good too - you know?

Anyways, I have homework to do so

March 16, 2011

I have a dream

Ladies and Gentlefolk - 
Today is a day that will go down in the books
{or rather the blog}
Because today I realized what my dream is.

I want to be a photographer.
I love people - they fascinate me. 
One of my favorite places to be is airports because there are 
so many people!

I want to capture people's lives, and the little mundane things in life that make people who they are.
I want to portray the world as a beautiful place
and capture all its wonders so that everyone can enjoy them.

I want to one day have a successful blog that people talk about
and that people want to read and look at all the beautiful pictures I've taken. 

I want to learn graphic designing so that I can be creative and do my own, unique thing rather than copy a layout from 
{Not that they aren't great, I just want to do my own thing}

I want to take pictures of my kids, and our family, and go to weddings and big events to capture people's memories so that they will never forget.

I realized this today - I think I've always known it, but in the past 24 hours, its become feasible.  

Now I just need to get started on photography requirements and get accepted into the program, and hope that wherever we end up moving I'll be able to transfer and keep working on my goal. 
That's nothing right? haha....

Well there you go. That's my dream
Wish me luck.

March 15, 2011

you know your husband is a nerd when...

sorry about the little tantrum I had yesterday...
It was just one of those days, you know?
{just fyi I only sat on the couch for a few more mins, then I got my buns up and did some dish washin' and husband was so happy when he got home :)   -- mission accomplished *high five* -- BAM!}

anyhoo.... I came across this yesterday and I quite like it - new morning wake-up pep talk:
"                                                "

haha i like it. 

anyways, back to the title -- 
You know your husband is a nerd when.... he puts the piece of paper he's studying off of in a plastic bag so he can study while he's in the shower, wow.
I mean, I know I married a nerd, but that was beyond anything I could have ever anticipated! lol
seriously guys! 


March 14, 2011

my day has been about like this...

{Warning, this is a me venting about how lame my day was so if you don't want to read it, I don't be offended}

{This is my puppy dog face that husband things is pathetic}
{yeah i guess he has a point}

it started out when i didn't get up and get ready early like i knew i should have... but thats ok - i got to sleep in more. but now i'm regreting that still need to get ready before work tonight

then i was having this awesome dream about jimmer - and husband woke me up
{seriously it was a good dream! I was like his autobiography assistant/writer person}
Husband didn't think my jimmer dream was worth going back to bed to continue haha.......

Then i totally forgot about my counselor apointment this morning so i missed it

its raining

my tummy has hurt all day - and i keep eating things that make it worse
string cheese, yogurt, cookies & cream milk {so worth it though}, chocolate, brownie, gah i just keep eating! I need some healthy food pronto and a gym membership....

my OBGYN called to remind me about my first baby apointment tomorrow :)
yay! Thats so exciting, only I'm not having a baby anymore - thanks for the reminder!
Lets just say I'm not very happy with these peeps right now.  Especially when I, their upset client, called to cancel the appointment {yes I finally spelled appointment right} and they didn't even say SORRY!!!
really people?  Would it kill you to offer a little bit of sympathy???

Now I'm sitting home, trying to talk myself into doing something productive... ew...
"ok - be brave, be strong, get off the couch, close the computer, and make the house nice and clean for when husband gets home :) ready, set, go... or maybe not"


i'm getting up - i'm walking towards the kitchen 
hope your day is happier than mine!!!


sorry its been a while peeps
nothing much has been happening around these here parts anyways
Just enjoying the nice weather
Getting through mid terms 
Wishing day light savings had given us an extra hour of sleep instead of taking one away
um... dreaming of summmmmmmmmer!
Excited for our trip to Arches National Park next month...
I just now realized my birthday is in a month and a half - wow that came up fast!
Starting to enjoy our ward more
and praying hard for those in Japan. 

March 9, 2011

um... I don't know what to call this post so yeah...

I spent the last 15 mins spying on my neighbors in the house next door 
They had a HUGE argument over whether the husband was going to take their car or their scooter to class
{A grand total of like 9 blocks}
At first I was just laughing really hard, but then I realized, wow, I do the same thing all the time.
I make a huge deal out of nothing and then feel horrible about it, and yeah...
You know what I mean?
I've heard its a notorious newly wed thing, so hopefully I get better, but still, its kind of ridiculous the things I pick a fight about.  
At least I don't do it in an open space for every one to see haha

March 4, 2011

still hard...

Well I thought I was doing just great, and getting over the miscarriage until we get a letter in the mail from my OBGYN with all the forms I need to fill out before my first baby appointment.
{Ironic because I have a miscarriage appointment scheduled for the week 
before that appointment had been needed...}
Like, I understand that everybody makes mistakes, 
but that wasn't really what I wanted to be reminded of, you know?
I spent a couple hours looking at baby names last night, and I can't tell you how many hours I spend looking at all of the adorable babies and pregnant women on facebook and blogger. 
All my life, I've wanted to be a mom, and I know someday I will be, 
its just hard not knowing when that someday will be.  

On a lighter note, its FRIDAY and its not supposed to rain today :) 

March 2, 2011

I have the coolest great grandma eva

So I'm sitting in the JFSB and I over heard a conversation about an amazing grandma who has 60 grandchildren and remembers all of their birthdays, and I was like - thats impressive, but my great grandma can top that!

I can't remember how many grandkids she has {but its a lot} and she has 105 or so great grandchildren. 
And she remembers all of our birthdays and sends us a card.
She is 90 years old, and still lives at home. 
She supported her husband in so many callings
{Including Temple President of Provo Temple}

She let me come and stay with her for a month this summer, which was just so sweet of her. 
She has a facebook - wow!

And yeah, she's pretty much amazing! 

{By the way, this picture was several years ago}

March 1, 2011

today was the day :)

Today was a happy day!
Shopping was awesome and it was the first day that I got to party with the windows down and the music blaring and my sunglasses on! 
I look forward to that day all through winter, and it was today!

I also got new jeans today and some toms!!! 
woot woot

husband and i are going to p.f. changs!
{gift card - we're not that wealthy...}


and the birds are singing :)

It's March
and today has been a beautiful day!
The sky is blue, the grass is - getting greener... there's a gentle breeze, the sun is shining,
and the birds are singing :)
Don't you just love being outside in the early morning listening to them sing out their hearts!
I do - it makes me happy to be alive
{Yes this is the same Sarah who posted yesterday...}
Tuesdays are much easier to love - cause I only have one class, and its my favorite!

Just as a little update - the cake turned out beautifully
{and it was delicious}
Only, right after I finished frosting it, it started to slip and slide and drip...
Luckily we got it into the freezer before it got too bad, but it wasn't that pretty in the end.
The girl I made it for appreciated it 
{So did Jeremy and the two other guys we work with}
 Here's some pictures:

mmmmmmmmm..... good!!!!!

Well ttfn - husband is letting me go shopping :)