March 15, 2011

you know your husband is a nerd when...

sorry about the little tantrum I had yesterday...
It was just one of those days, you know?
{just fyi I only sat on the couch for a few more mins, then I got my buns up and did some dish washin' and husband was so happy when he got home :)   -- mission accomplished *high five* -- BAM!}

anyhoo.... I came across this yesterday and I quite like it - new morning wake-up pep talk:
"                                                "

haha i like it. 

anyways, back to the title -- 
You know your husband is a nerd when.... he puts the piece of paper he's studying off of in a plastic bag so he can study while he's in the shower, wow.
I mean, I know I married a nerd, but that was beyond anything I could have ever anticipated! lol
seriously guys! 



  1. Wow this is like the funniest thing ever! hahaha! I can't stop laughing! So awesome Jeremy

  2. nice! that's awesome! I love the saying and your husband's shower-studying habits!


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