January 28, 2013

a lipstick confession

I only recently bought myself my first tube of lipstick.  And BAM I feel like a woman! I will admit it takes some courage to tell your plump neutral lips that you'd like them to own up to the wonderful hot-pink-ness they were intended to be. {I still haven't worn it out of the house without frantically trying to take most of it off}  I think part of the problem might be I'm still not sure how to put it on..? Needless to say I never knew how fun lipstick can be.  Most of all I love seeing where I kissed miss Madeline last :)

January 18, 2013

an update with a video

Madeline has been hamming it in the department of facial expressions.  I tried to get a picture of her newest and most entertaining look, but it turns out photo-booth is very entertaining when you're just shy of fourteen months.  Hope you enjoy the video just the same.  She almost does the 'look' a couple times, but not nearly as well as she can...  Also, if you find the video funny you should have seen her watch this video ten times.  We were laughing pretty hard.

I keep thinking parenting can't get any better than this, but it keeps getting better! I can't express what a rewarding blessing it is to spend my days with this sweet little girl. I love the little lights that flicker on when she puts the pieces of her world together.  Today she was wandering around doing her thing when she quickly reached for her toes and exclaimed, "DOES!" The same thing happened yesterday only it was with her noes and it was, "Ni, Ni Ni!" The way she views the world... It's contagious.  Things aren't always happy around here, but there are definitely more giggles than cries.

January 13, 2013

a party for Madeline

Remember back in November when Madeline turned one? And remember how we celebrated that  day?  Well about a month after that, both of Madeline's parents and all of her grandparents were in the same city so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate one more time.  Humor me as I share way too many pictures of this special day.  A big thanks to our families for all their help and to my dad for taking most of the pictures.