January 13, 2013

a party for Madeline

Remember back in November when Madeline turned one? And remember how we celebrated that  day?  Well about a month after that, both of Madeline's parents and all of her grandparents were in the same city so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate one more time.  Humor me as I share way too many pictures of this special day.  A big thanks to our families for all their help and to my dad for taking most of the pictures. 


  1. O my goodness!!! Such a cute party--love the decorations and food! SUPER CUTE! And the pictures of her with her cake are priceless! :)

  2. So precious! I love your little family :)

  3. SO CUTE! I love the frosting-painted 1 on her tummy. I'm impressed with the photography too--I may take a million pictures of my kids, but very few, if any are actually well-lit and in focus! Beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful party! Loving all the tiny details, down to the frosting #1! :)
    xo TJ


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