February 25, 2014

Fort McHenry

^^Rabid baby…?^^
Last week when we still had family here (more pictures from our fun weekend to come) we went out and visited Fort McHenry. Jeremy and I had never been, and it was absolutely beautiful outside, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do :)

I grabbed my camera as we were heading out the door because I haven't felt camera creative in a long time and it was kind of calling to me. So glad I did. These might not be the most amazing photos in the world, but it felt good to "warm up" that side of my brain again. Didn't get to editing them, too. But it was a good place to start. 

Kind of bummed we didn't get a group shot! But that's ok. Fun to go explore another piece of our beloved Baltimore. Can't believe we live here! So gorgeous :)

family pictures - say what??!!

^^couldn't not post this one… it was the first one I took of them ha^^

I decided that since we've been married over three years and have two kids that it's about time we had our family pictures taken. Thank goodness I know a photographer (THANK YOU DAD!!!) I can't tell you how happy it makes me to finally have a good family picture to hang on our sad bare walls. So happy :) My little family means more than anything to me and I'm so happy to have some pictures to go along with all the memories we've been making lately. And I love that they were taken in our neighborhood that we love so much. Life. is. good.  And seriously, thank you Dad. We would not have been so successful with my tripod ;)

February 24, 2014

goodnight my little princess

The other night as I was tucking Madeline in she was being silly and 'roaring' while I sang her a song. After I'd finished I said, "Goodnight my little lion." Just playing along with her game and being silly. I got up to leave and turn off the light when all of a sudden she burst into tears, which isn't her usual behavior. She was mumbling something about the light, I thought, so I explained that the light had to be off so she could go to sleep. I went out and closed the door. Her tears turned into screaming and it was pretty obvious to me something else was going on. I listened by the door for a minute, trying to make out what she was saying. When I finally figured it out I had to fight back a few tears myself.

Almost every night the last thing I say to her is, "Goodnight my little princess, I love you." She was upset because I had said, "Goodnight my little lion" instead of princess. I opened the door, told her how sorry I was and told her how she'd always be my little princess. She felt better, but was still kind of shaken up. I gave all her animals a kiss and ended with a big kiss for her and once again said, "Goodnight my little princess, I love you." 

At the end of every day I go to bed feeling so overwhelmingly grateful for the chance to be a mom.  These two kids make my life great. I'm still looking forward to more sleep and I really don't like nursing all that much. We certainly have hard days that I think will never end. I'm excited for when they're all at school and I have the house to myself, or when they move out and Jeremy and I get to travel the world together, but I'm loving this stage of life. I really am happy. Happy to be tucking in a little princess and prince each night. Happy to be needed and loved.

February 23, 2014

Dear Luke, on your blessing day

Dear Luke,
Today was your blessing day. The weather was perfect, the sun shining, even birds in the trees, but sun or rain, it would have been a perfect day. Your daddy gave you a beautiful blessing… tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened to the heaven sent words he spoke while holding you. I hope you know what a special boy you are, and what a special man you will come to be. I hope you know how lucky you are to have such a great dad. He's as great as they come and I know you'll see that someday. I hope you know how much I love your daddy, and that your existence came to be because of the love we share. There really isn't anything more beautiful than that. Baby boy, how I love you. How blessed we are to have you in our family… I love you.

February 16, 2014

we played hide and seek tonight

 "Did you hear that!?" 
(every time a fire truck, police car, ambulance, 
city bus, or truck drives by. 
Which is quite often I'll have you know ;)
We played hide and seek after we ate animal crackers together. No distractions, just daddy, mommy and Madeline. And I hope I will always remember the beaming dimpled smile peeking out from behind a chair when I called out, "I found you!" She may not have grasped the whole no-peeking-til-you-count-to-ten concept, but it was the most enjoyable game of hide and seek I've ever played. 

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again I'm sure, but oh how I love you miss Madeline! You are (almost always) a delight to be around. I love our conversations and I love spending my days with you. Few things bring as much happiness to my life as the things you say and do. I love you!

February 15, 2014

date with my Valentine

I have to say, this Valentine's Day was pretty great. We enjoyed a lazy morning then spent the day doing some deep cleaning. There's few things I enjoy more than working side by side with Jeremy. It's amazing how hard work brings us closer and makes us feel more united. We're a pretty great team and I love being reminded of it :) Plus what better gift to give each other than a super clean house?!

BUT without doubt the highlight of the day was after we got the kids to bed… We'd been planning this date for months and it finally happened! 

Every time we go out to eat we're almost ALWAYS disappointed. Not that it happens very often, because we're pretty broke and there aren't a ton of babysitters in Baltimore. But when we do go, either the service is horrible, or the food is subpar. It seems like we always leave saying,"We could have made something way better than that." So we finally proved ourselves right. It was DELICIOUS! 

On the menu was Filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus with sparkling white grape juice. It did not disappoint. We spent less than we typically spend at a restaurant but it was like 100 times better than any restaurant food I've ever tasted. 

I have to give credit to my date for the meat. He's a man through and through and boy did he do something great with that steak. I should probably mention that I'm not really a meat girl. I like a good burger now and then but for the most part I steer clear. I finished my whole 8 ounces. Fatty, I know. 


^^every party needs a pooper, right? At least he let us eat most of our dinner alone^^
My friend updated her Facebook status yesterday to say,"I love love and I love having a day to celebrate it!"  I couldn't agree more :) To my Valentine, I love you. Thanks for the delicious dinner and wonderful company. I love you to the moon and back.