May 17, 2011

crazy little thing called LOVE

Last night as Jeremy and I were laying in bed, we started remembering all the fun things we did when we were dating.  Reminiscing our {rather embarrassing} facebook-only relationship that 
eventually blossomed into being brave enough to talk in person and go on dates and our first kiss, and when Jeremy almost kissed me for the first time but wasn't brave enough {even though I could tell he wanted to be I wanted him to kiss me first haha} and just enjoying remembering the 
excited/tingling/nervous feeling every time I got to see him.  And the hundreds of letters we wrote while he was down at school - *sigh*  Good times....

Anyway, we were just talking about that, and sometimes I kind of wish we were still dating - only not really because married life is the best thing ever!  And I wouldn't trade it for the world.
But I kind of sometimes secretly wish we could go back and fall in love again - because that was so much fun and so I don't know... I'm just kind of rambling.
It really is a "crazy little thing called love"
{and I love that song}

One thing, however, is sure - I love Jeremy Wells and I always will and I still love getting to fall in love with him more - every single day :)

May 16, 2011


Last night we played a game with my family that my brother Peter logically named


The game goes a little something like this:
all the players are situated around a table with tape marking goals in front of each player.
A ping pong ball is placed in the middle of the table and the players begin to blow trying to score in any other player's goal.  Side effects may include:


Sore cheeks

But mostly just intense family fun :)

Ode to the life of a bored pregnant woman

Most of you may have noticed, that I haven't posted in a while...
As a matter of fact I think this is the longest I've gone with out posting!


I mean, I realized it had been a while when I had two journal entries more recent than my last blog post

So here I am, sitting by a warm fire on a rainy day, realizing that I need to catch up on my blogging.

Last week we were blessed with some beautiful weather that really made us believe
 that maybe there was hope for spring!
I even got out and took some pictures - Lets just say I have a lot to learn haha 
but I am really enjoying it so far!

Of course it does help when your mother-in-law has the most beautiful tulips in the world!

Sadly, most of the pedals were pulled off just a few days later by a naughty little grandson... 

I absolutely love this picture!  It made me realize that hey, I could really be good at this!  
eeek!  I'm so excited to learn more :)

Lets see.... Most of my days are spent lounging around the house, or going over to my parents house where there's usually a few more distractions.  I really need an activity or something hahah

Unfortunately my job is really slow starting out, so my next day for work isn't until the 28th of May!  
I keep thinking there's got to be somewhere I can volunteer that wouldn't be to strenuous on my crazy/unpredictable body, and I would love to start sewing bedding and decorations for the baby's room
-- if only we knew if it were a boy or a girl! 

I will confess, however, that I think it's going to be a girl.... gah I can't believe I did that on the internet!  
I'm probably wrong, idk... and I can't decide if I think that because I secretly want it to be a girl or I really think that - gah!  lol I know I'll love either one, I just want to know -- now!
Only a month and a half til we find out - its hard to believe how fast its going! 

Can I just say that being pregnant is hard - like half the things I do I wouldn't normally do!
Example:  Last night I fell asleep on our bed upstairs, still in my church clothes, and I started crying when Jer gently tried to take them off just so I'd be more comfortable!

I can fall asleep so fast these days, and oh the list goes on and on haha
But I am officially out of the first trimester
{Didn't throw up once - haha!} 
But the past 3-4 days I've been so tired - half the time I can barely make it up the stairs to our room, but then this morning I found myself running up them 2 at a time - what the heck!
I give up on trying to understand my body.... 

We did have another ultrasound last week - sorry I don't know how to scan them {pictures} on at my in-laws house :/ 
But let me just tell you -- it is so amazing to look at a computer and see a little person inside of you - that has a heart beat!  Its the most humbling and wondrous thing I've ever experienced
and I can't even feel the baby yet!  
That is one thing I really just can't wait for :) 
Feeling the baby kick and move inside of me - eeeeek I can't wait!  

{Please ignore the un-showered, pajama adorned body - but yes, there is a baby bump!}
Gah I feel so fat all the time - but I guess that's to be expected!

All of a sudden none of my clothes fit and maternity clothes are HUGE on me - its kind of a lame situation...
Oh well... Soon enough I'll be able to own those huge maternity tops and pants haha

Wow sorry this is getting to be a super long post, but I guess I'll just press on - don't feel pressured to keep going, but you can if you want!

On Saturday, Christian went to his first prom
{He's only a junior, but he asked some random girl who goes to another school, so they went.... ha}

{And no she's not LDS - but a cute girl, right!}

The sun was blazing and the wind was blowing and it was like the most un-ideal place for pictures, but hey whatever works, right.  I took a bunch more pictures but this is the only other one worth showing - my mom's excellent saving the day helping pin on the man-flowers
{I can't spell boutineer}

I had my sisters pose in our back yard to get some practice taking pictures of people - they are such hoots!

Hannah was a little more interested in reading Harry Potter-  for like the 10 billionth time - so she left us
lame sauce....

Emma has the cutest little giggle in the world, and when I look at this picture I can literally hear her :)

Silly girls

Little Miss Diva

those girls....

How I love them :)

Those aren't even half of the silly pictures I took of my beautiful, silly sisters haha

Well I was going to post about a game we played with my family last night, but I think I'll start a new post 
because this one is getting pretty dang beastly 


May 4, 2011

I LIVE!!!!!

Yes my friends... I'm still alive.
Sorry its been so long... I've just kinda fallen off the face of the earth - yeeeah....

My birthday was aw-some!
I spent the day with my mom 
we went to donuts for Moms 
mmmm.... so good.  I missed you, you delicious north west maple bars!
And we went to Costco
Oh the luxuries of having a family big enough to make it worth it to have a Costco card!
And....  oh yeah I cut two of my brother's hair - I was so brave!
And it actually looked really good! yay me!!!!

And then we had a delicious bbq with yummy burgers and chicken :)  so good!
I also got spoiled... :) 
I got a yoga mat and dvd  and a resistance band - sa weeet!
And some mulah $$$
And a freakin sweet D3100 Nikon Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{my hubby is the best}
I'm really excited - and really feeling like I don't know anything.... but thats ok!
Let the learning begin!
We've had some fun messing around with it so far, but nothing worth posting yet -  
haha sorry 
 Actually, on second thought we did take some pictures on Sunday.
My sister-in-law Maria had a baby, Clara, a month ago and this past Sunday we drove out to Yakima to see this beautiful little baby blessed.

Can you say Precious???

It was such a beautiful day and a beautiful blessing given by her father, Dan.
We had a lot of fun and a lot of great food and it was just so fun to be together with family :)

Aren't they a good looking bunch!

And look at the flowers they had in their front yard!

And once I saw this, I might have fallen head over heels for this guy...again....
And I knew
{I was reminded}
Of how lucky this baby is going to be to have a daddy like this :)

I'm almost just excited to get this baby here so I can see Jeremy hold a baby again.

In other news, I got a job at Bath & Body Works - you have no idea how excited I am!
First good job-hunting experience I've ever had.
And I landed a good job!
And I found it all by myself!
go me!!!

Monday night we my belated birthday celebration
{Just me and husband :) }
We made some delicious broccoli, cheese, potato soup
I'd been craving it lately - weird, right?
And french bread - j'adore!
And naturally we had some red bubbly
{Non-alcoholic I promise, I wouldn't do that to the baby, uh... plus I don't drink
*cough*cough* haha just kidding}
AND we built a fort downstairs
{Ok husband was really the mastermind behind the brilliant work of art}
And ate our yummy dinner while watching a movie :)
Just me and husband!
And we cuddled and maybe kissed a bit, and it was a wonderful evening
{The movie ended up being a little dumb... but its ok}
And then I fell asleep in husbands arms - so comfy and happy and serine

-- and then husband thought I might want to be woken up and make the mad dash through the cold house to our bed upstairs
{I was perfectly content where I was :P }

But thats ok - I guess I was glad to be in my bed the next morning because husband left me
I miss him terribly, and I was grateful for the privacy when he left to I could cry myself back to sleep... :(
Its the hormones ok!
{Haha I love how that's my excuse for everything}

Anyways, only one more day, he'll be back tomorrow night :)
I can make it that long, right?

Well *yawn*  It's obviously time for bed!
Good night, sweet dreams, snuggle close to your hubby while he's close!