May 4, 2011

I LIVE!!!!!

Yes my friends... I'm still alive.
Sorry its been so long... I've just kinda fallen off the face of the earth - yeeeah....

My birthday was aw-some!
I spent the day with my mom 
we went to donuts for Moms 
mmmm.... so good.  I missed you, you delicious north west maple bars!
And we went to Costco
Oh the luxuries of having a family big enough to make it worth it to have a Costco card!
And....  oh yeah I cut two of my brother's hair - I was so brave!
And it actually looked really good! yay me!!!!

And then we had a delicious bbq with yummy burgers and chicken :)  so good!
I also got spoiled... :) 
I got a yoga mat and dvd  and a resistance band - sa weeet!
And some mulah $$$
And a freakin sweet D3100 Nikon Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{my hubby is the best}
I'm really excited - and really feeling like I don't know anything.... but thats ok!
Let the learning begin!
We've had some fun messing around with it so far, but nothing worth posting yet -  
haha sorry 
 Actually, on second thought we did take some pictures on Sunday.
My sister-in-law Maria had a baby, Clara, a month ago and this past Sunday we drove out to Yakima to see this beautiful little baby blessed.

Can you say Precious???

It was such a beautiful day and a beautiful blessing given by her father, Dan.
We had a lot of fun and a lot of great food and it was just so fun to be together with family :)

Aren't they a good looking bunch!

And look at the flowers they had in their front yard!

And once I saw this, I might have fallen head over heels for this guy...again....
And I knew
{I was reminded}
Of how lucky this baby is going to be to have a daddy like this :)

I'm almost just excited to get this baby here so I can see Jeremy hold a baby again.

In other news, I got a job at Bath & Body Works - you have no idea how excited I am!
First good job-hunting experience I've ever had.
And I landed a good job!
And I found it all by myself!
go me!!!

Monday night we my belated birthday celebration
{Just me and husband :) }
We made some delicious broccoli, cheese, potato soup
I'd been craving it lately - weird, right?
And french bread - j'adore!
And naturally we had some red bubbly
{Non-alcoholic I promise, I wouldn't do that to the baby, uh... plus I don't drink
*cough*cough* haha just kidding}
AND we built a fort downstairs
{Ok husband was really the mastermind behind the brilliant work of art}
And ate our yummy dinner while watching a movie :)
Just me and husband!
And we cuddled and maybe kissed a bit, and it was a wonderful evening
{The movie ended up being a little dumb... but its ok}
And then I fell asleep in husbands arms - so comfy and happy and serine

-- and then husband thought I might want to be woken up and make the mad dash through the cold house to our bed upstairs
{I was perfectly content where I was :P }

But thats ok - I guess I was glad to be in my bed the next morning because husband left me
I miss him terribly, and I was grateful for the privacy when he left to I could cry myself back to sleep... :(
Its the hormones ok!
{Haha I love how that's my excuse for everything}

Anyways, only one more day, he'll be back tomorrow night :)
I can make it that long, right?

Well *yawn*  It's obviously time for bed!
Good night, sweet dreams, snuggle close to your hubby while he's close!


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  1. LOVE it!! YAY awesome cameras!! Your pictures already look great! Happy birthday! Congrats on being spoiled--you deserve it, mama! :o)


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