August 30, 2014

let's go O's!

 ^^8 months old this boy^^
^^Little city kid^^
^^looking at the camera but not smiling...^^
^^Not looking at the camera, but smiling... 
She must be two or something ;) ^^
^^Watching out the window of the light rail. 
Don't you love her itty bitty braids.^^
^^baseball games are LOUD! Madeline was so confused as to why everyone was screaming and hollering. I tried to explain that a grand slam is kind of a big deal and everyone was happy but she wasn't getting it so finally I told her,"You can scream at baseball games! Just not at home..."  "oh WOW!" She said.
 ^^We figured if Madeline felt her ears should be covered Luke's ears should be covered too. Poor kid thought his parents had lost it, taking him to such a loud and strange place!^^
^^I can't tell you how much I'm loving this beard :) And there's no sarcasm here.  Someday, Luke, you might be able to grow one too. But for now I'm too in love with your soft chubby cheeks^^
^^'Seriously, mom, it's like wayyyyyyy past my bedtime.'^^

^^There's a first time for everything. mmmm....^^
^^You'll have to believe me when I say she enjoyed it 
more than she's letting on :) ^^
^^loving the photo bomb Anna ;) ^^

It was LDS family night at the Oriole's game last night. The second baseball game in two weeks for Jeremy and I (we got to go on a date to a National's game last week) and the first baseball game ever for the kiddos. I have to say I think I'm a convert. There's something so appealing about the atmosphere (as long as you're not sharing your seat with the severely obese woman next to you... we moved during the 5th inning). It probably helps that I have a decent grasp on the concept :) As Jeremy said,"Yeah it's a slower paced game that you can get." Thanks babe. But more than that it's the smells, the crowd, the dancing and the music. The cheering and the kissing cam. Who doesn't love seeing a couple in their eighties steal a kiss on the giant screen? It enlivened my soul to be united in one cause with thousands of other people, all with the common goal of 'rooting for the home team'. 

It was also our first time on the light rail (well the kids and I). I'm a wee bit embarrassed to admit it, since we've lived easy walking distance from it for two years.. but we finally did it! The only mishap was right after Madeline asked for her buckle and I explained there isn't a buckle. You have to sit in your seat and hold still so you don't get hurt. The 'no buckle' part clicked (pun intended... haha that one's for you Dad!), but not the hold still part. You might notice there's a bruise below her left eye in the pictures at the game but not on the train ;) 

The kids were really well behaved. Madeline was cheering and making friends with people around us. I guess she did get into the trash around us a little... At one point I looked down and Luke had somehow (Madeline?) managed to help himself to an empty, except for the last few drops, beer cup without leaving my lap. I guess we can cross underage drinking off his list. Excellent cup holding skills for a kid his age, though. Really impressive. We kept a closer eye on them after that. I'm sure we wouldn't have enjoyed the game nearly as much if our kids hadn't had a good time as well. We really have GREAT kids. I mean, really. We didn't get home til almost four hours past their bedtime but they stayed happy the whole time. Luke of course fell asleep five minutes before we got home.... But he still went to bed well.

I'm really excited to be getting to the stage with our family where I feel like we can do stuff and enjoy it again. It feels like we've been in a box for a while, and now that Luke's a little older and more interested in activities it gives us more reason to get out as a family. HIP HIP HOORAY! 

I'm ready. 

p.s. The Oriole's won :)

August 18, 2014

August 13, 2014

last of the lake photos

 ^^It's a pretty amazing experience to be swimming and watching a bald eagle catch a fish not too far from you.^^
^^I accomplished a goal this summer! I got up on the wakeboard. And stayed up^^ 
 ^^We both got up :) ^^
^^I'm such a wuss when it comes to tubing! I used to love all the crazy stuff... Being a mom changes you!^^
^^Notice how Joshua is enjoying himself, while Dad and I have fear written all over our faces :) ^^
 ^^kisses for Aunt Hannah!^^
 ^^taken from inside the house... I'd go back in a heartbeat.^^
Well, it's taken me a while to get the rest of these photos up, but here they finally are. I think I've kind of felt like if I didn't post them it would mean we'd never left...? Somehow? It was such a great vacation.

I can still feel myself in the water, listening to, "Beautiful Day" by U2 from the boat's speakers.  Getting up on the wakeboard, then crashing into the water and laying on my back waiting for the boat to come around and get me. The waves were rocking me back and forth and a small seaplane flew right over my head,  across the perfect Northwest blue sky. And I remember thinking, 'I am so happy.'  U2 said it right, it was a beautiful day. A beautiful five days. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

p.s. We miss you Christian and Peter!