August 7, 2014

today was a really great day

In fact today was the best day I've had in a while. I've been in kind of a schlump since getting back from our trip to Spokane. I don't know why exactly... but it's been a long couple of weeks. 

Anyway, today was great. We got to visit Jeremy at school where Madeline had her first dental checkup. Getting to finally see where Jeremy spends most of his days and see him in his element was quite a treat. The kids were both doted upon by everyone we met. We got a bite to eat as a family, which was surprisingly enjoyable and not stressful like it usually is with two kids in a restaurant ;) The kids and I came home and I had a quiet afternoon to myself, just watching a chick-flick while the kids took great naps. 

After Jeremy was done with school we went and picked him up and spontaneously decided to drive half an hour to a mall to run a few errands and we swung by Ikea while we were out there. WHO DOESN'T LOVE IKEA?! It was so much fun to see Madeline run through Macy's Department store like a kid on Christmas morning. We hadn't been in the store two minutes and she'd already tried on a hat, three bags and a backpack. Of course my heart skipped a beat when she attempted to wear $65 sunglasses, but I saved them. The perfume guy even gave her a sample which she thought was the world's best thing. Smelly paper!? She kept saying over and over again,"Mommy... it's so beautiful...." Can I admit how much I'm looking forward to when she's a teenager and we go shopping together?! :) I realize it'll probably look different then than it does in my head. But hey, I can dream, right? 

The crazy thing is, a few things happened that easily could have been an excuse to have another bad day. For instance, I stepped in dog poop in my favorite shoes... Not only did I ruin them and have to throw them out, but I unknowingly tracked the poop all over our house, including a decent portion of our cream 8x10 rug... Scrubbing shag rug......... Let's not talk about it. Still happy, remember?! :)

And we also had a good scare, well gallant Jeremy says he wasn't scared (still not convinced), when we got home at 8:30 to find a bunch of signs that someone had BEEN IN OUR APARTMENT! AHHHHHHH! #stilljumpy  Made a few calls and found out the landlord had come to change stuff around with the security system? Not sure why she had to lock a bunch of random doors and close some blinds, but *sigh* we're alive. Checked all the closets twice and we're okay. Still happy. 

It was just a booya, kick schlumpy in the butt kind of a day and... and yeah. I'm happy. And it feels good. 

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