August 13, 2014

last of the lake photos

 ^^It's a pretty amazing experience to be swimming and watching a bald eagle catch a fish not too far from you.^^
^^I accomplished a goal this summer! I got up on the wakeboard. And stayed up^^ 
 ^^We both got up :) ^^
^^I'm such a wuss when it comes to tubing! I used to love all the crazy stuff... Being a mom changes you!^^
^^Notice how Joshua is enjoying himself, while Dad and I have fear written all over our faces :) ^^
 ^^kisses for Aunt Hannah!^^
 ^^taken from inside the house... I'd go back in a heartbeat.^^
Well, it's taken me a while to get the rest of these photos up, but here they finally are. I think I've kind of felt like if I didn't post them it would mean we'd never left...? Somehow? It was such a great vacation.

I can still feel myself in the water, listening to, "Beautiful Day" by U2 from the boat's speakers.  Getting up on the wakeboard, then crashing into the water and laying on my back waiting for the boat to come around and get me. The waves were rocking me back and forth and a small seaplane flew right over my head,  across the perfect Northwest blue sky. And I remember thinking, 'I am so happy.'  U2 said it right, it was a beautiful day. A beautiful five days. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

p.s. We miss you Christian and Peter!

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