August 31, 2015

lavender farm

Still playing catch up on summer pictures....  A few days before we left Spokane I decided I had to check out the prettiest little lavender farm set on a hill, not far from my parent's house. I'd driven past it so many times and never stopped to visit. My dad called and set up a visit for us and I'm so glad we went. I wouldn't mind spending an entire day there, just me and my camera. But going with a herd of kids was great too. I've had a bunch sitting next to my bed for weeks and it's so beautiful and relaxing. I love it. I plan on making a visit every summer til the day I die.

August 18, 2015

fabric dolls

When I found out we were headed to Spokane last February I pictured bringing three little dolls for my three youngest sisters, similar to the one I made for Madeline a couple years ago. I started right away with materials I had on hand but time got away from me and before I knew it we were gearing up for our next trip to Spokane, in JUNE. So I got a little more work done, but still wasn't finished. Two days before our month long trip was over I finished these sweet dolls and I'm so glad I got to see the way my sisters love them. They spent those two days carrying them everywhere :) 

And I know they still love them because my dad shared this picture (above) the other day. My sisters made a paper chain countdown for school and made one for their dolls too. 

The dolls were made using a pattern Ashley (from Make It & Love It) shares for free. You can see the tutorial here and the pattern pieces here. That woman is so talented!

I'm just so pleased with how they turned out :)

August 12, 2015

jeremy's birthday recap

^^ "ha! ha!"  (hot! hot!) ^^

Jeremy's birthday was almost a month ago, but he didn't get to enjoy his biggest gift until last night. I bought Jim Gaffigan tickets for him months ago and it was torture not being able to tell him. Soon after I bought them he even mentioned the tour and I had to play the "to expensive" card. haha. It was SO HARD keeping it a secret because Jeremy loves standup. Especially Jim Gaffigan. 

But I did it! I kept the secret. It was a really great night. Perfect summer evening, right on the harbor and Jim did not disappoint.  Happy Birthday Jeremy. We sure love you! 

....and miss your beard. 

August 10, 2015

wells reunion - birthday party

Incase you couldn't tell, the Wells throw a pretty good party. Two of the five little girls had birthdays during the reunion, so Jon & Kim planned a day full of waterslides, snow cones, ice cream cones and cotton candy in their honor. Thank goodness we all managed to benefit ;) There were numerous injuries, a couple of sunburns, lots of happy memories made... And pounds gained... So all in all a very good day.