December 10, 2010


We are so excited to be almost there! Hard to believe we're only a week away. Everyone keeps asking if we're nervous, and honestly we're not - well I'm not. I really don't have any sort of 'cold feet' whatsoever. I'm just excited! I feel so blessed to have found Jeremy, and that we're getting married in the Temple for time and all eternity in just a few short days! I honestly have no fears at all, because I know Jeremy is such an amazing man, and that I'm always going to be taken care of. I love him so much! He is with out doubt my best friend in the whole wide world!

Today we went Christmas shopping, for a few friends, family, and then for each other. We're so hilarious, we were like at Target and avoiding each other to be surprised haha. Its so weird meshing two family's traditions together and figuring out what Jeremy did growing up, and how his parents and siblings and their spouses do Santa stuff, and other presents for each other and its such a new experience! But totally worth it :) I feel like I'm starting to realize just how many of these adjustments we're going to be having to get used to. I'm sure it'll be hard at times, but I'm excited for this journey we're setting out on together.

Now my man is at work, and I miss him. But I'm making Christmas cookies and watching Elf, so I'm trying to make do for now. I just can't wait until we're married and he can come home to me after work each night :) Hope you're all making it through finals, enjoying getting your Christmas plans together, and just loving this time of the year!

December 2, 2010

Home Stretch

We are oh so happy to be on the last home stretch to being done with this semester and on with our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Wells :)Our Thanksgiving week was a very wonderful time. Jeremy and I drove down to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet up with my family and Grandparents (my Grandpa is currently serving as the Mission President down in Albuquerque). It was a long drive but it was really fun to be on a road trip with just the two of us. (Jer has ritz crackers in his cheeks)

Thanksgiving Day was filled with family, friends, and of course food (3 of my favorite things)! I'd never spend a Thanksgiving with people other than family, and it was quite fun. I really enjoyed it. The senior missionaries from the mission office ate with us, as well as the assistants. In my family our Thanksgiving Day usually (always) goes like this: We have an appetizer, a little program, and then we feast. The appetizer consists of hot beef dip (so good!), crackers, veggies, juice, and of course pumpkin-chocolate chip bread (a family favorite). Then for our program, everyone shares what they are thankful for, as well as a musical number, poem, story, etc. to invite the Thanksgiving spirit. Then we feast with all the typical/wonderful Thanksgiving foods. I love the way our family does Thanksgiving, but at the same time I'm getting excited to share Holidays and traditions with my new family too. Isn't it wonderful that there are so many different ways to do things, but they're all great? I love that. For example, we taught my
parents and grandparents a Wells Family game "May I" and my family (my grandparents especially) love it! It was a lot of fun.

Friday morning we went to the Albuquerque Hot-air Balloon museum. Did you know Albuquerque is like the Balloon capital of the world? Pretty impressive.

On Friday afternoon, I got to go through the Temple for the first time to receive my Endowment. That was one of our main reasons for going down to Albuquerque so that my grandparents could share in the special occasion (seeing as they won't be able to attend our sealing). However, my Grandma told me that she had gotten permission to come! Obviously my Grandpa won't be able to, but hey I'll take one of them. I'm very excited.

Saturday we went to the zoo. I love zoos! We saw a bunch of cool animals. I'd show you pictures... but they look the same as all the other animals haha.

Sunday we unfortunately had to return home. Its hard saying goodbye to family after spending almost a week with them. However, we went to 4 Corners on the way home - that was pretty cool, and by cool I mean it was sooooooo cold! And sooooo in the middle of no where! But we took a picture - which was pretty much all we wanted to do. Say we'd been in 4 states at once! Mission accomplished.

We hit some pretty bad weather on the way home, so we decided to stay with Jeremy's grandparents on the way home (They live on the opposite side of Provo from Price/Spanish Fork Canyons). They are so sweet. They fed us, put us up for the night. I am not opposed at all to adopting more grandparents! Not that I don't love my own grandparents, but who doesn't like those happy love-able people!?

Finally we got home on Monday morning, just in time for our last classes - hey you can't do it all, right? We're just grateful to be home and safe. Only 16 more days til our wedding - which also means only 10 days (something like that) til finals :/ So it'll be a busy couple of weeks (packing, studying, etc.). Oh the life of poor college students! Gotta love it!

November 22, 2010


Our hearts are so full right now, not only because its the week of Thanksgiving, but we just feel so blessed in so many ways. First of all, we have each other. We are getting married in 25 days! How time flies. Thats less than a month! Its hard to believe. I'm so happy! I feel like my happily ever after is just beginning and its just going to get better from here. How awesome is it that I get to be sealed to my best friend for time and all eternity!?

Second of all, we both have AMAZING families! This past weekend we got to fly up to Spokane to see our families. I'm so grateful for the parents I have and for all they do and have done for me. I almost shudder to think of how disrespectful and ignorant I was as a teenager (I guess I still am a teenager...) But during high school I mean. I'm only starting to get a glimpse of all they've done for me and their love for me and I'm just overwhelmed. And they're still doing a ton. My mom is doing so much for the wedding and my dad too and I'm just in awe. I love them so much and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I'm also grateful for Jeremy's wonderful parents. I feel so blessed to be marrying into a family with the same standards as us and who have so much insightful advice to give us. Plus my in-laws play games all the time so of course I'm making the right decision - I wasn't doubting, for the record.

I'm grateful that we have the opportunity to attend BYU, and to be members of this Church. I'm grateful for a good car, and that we're both healthy and well. I'm so grateful for the Temple and that I get to go through for the first time this week. I just am overwhelmed with all the blessings God has given us. Life is good. I don't know why I complain all the time. I have been blessed abundantly and in ways I probably still haven't recognized. I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and travel safely to wherever your special day will be.

November 11, 2010

A little summary of the past month

Well the past few weeks have been busy ones - surprise I know. Thankfully we made it through most of our midterms and did fairly well. By fairly I mean by taking an average of Jeremy's excellent scores and my mediocre scores we did 'fairly' well. I'm constantly amazed at how much of a genius my fiance (soon to be husband) is! I mean how many people get a 93% on a Anatomy Lecture test and are only barely satisfied??? I'd be doing cart-wheels.

Other than school, we've been working and continuing on wedding plans. We got our announcements from the printer last week and are proud to say they are all in their envelopes. Now we just need to seal them, label and stamp them all.

Last Sunday we got to do some light traveling. Sunday morning we followed my mom's cousins, Scott and Jennifer Johns (Widdison) up to Pleasant Grove to see their oldest brother Nathan bless their new little boy, Carter. Then we drove out to East Carbon City, Utah (literally in the middle of nowhere) to visit Jeremy's adorable Grandmother and his sweet Aunt Rayleen. It was so much fun meeting them. Rayleen was kind enough to feed us dinner and send us home with leftovers as well as some chocolate covered oreos :) My favorite! We visited for a while and had a great time. I really enjoyed getting to know more of my soon-to-be family. I wish I had gotten to know Jer's Grandpa, but he passed away about a year and a half ago. Even though it was a long drive home, I really enjoy driving places just the two of us. It gives us a great chance to talk about our hopes and dreams, plans and what we see of our future family - I'M SO EXCITED!!! :D

Only 37 days to go until our wedding! We are so excited. Its gotten to the point that we always eat dinner together, shop together, pretty much do everything together except live together. Does that make sense? I guess we're just excited to have our own place to call home - instead of going back and forth from each other's apartment and all that stuff. I'm really excited to have a kitchen thats all mine (ours but...) like not having to share cabinet space, and just having an organized kitchen that I do all by myself and yeah. Not that my roommates aren't great! They are, I'm just ready to have our own place. Even if it is rather small, it'll be so nice to really start our lives together. Or rather, have one life together, instead of trying to mesh two. Maybe I'm just blabbing and this makes absolutely no sense... I'm starting to feel like this is more of a journal than a blog. I apologize. Well our lives really aren't that interesting right now. Maybe in a few years when I have cute pictures of our kids to put up it'll really be something worth keeping up.

Happy Thanksgiving! Most likely I won't post for a while - but who knows! I might surprise myself haha

October 22, 2010

Busy Bees are We

Cheesy title... again... I'm so good at those! haha. But its sadly true - maybe not sadly, but still. Jeremy and I are both exhausted and life for some reason doesn't want to give us a chance to catch our breaths.

Between work, and wedding plans, and oh yeah school (which seems to be spinning faster and faster lately) we've just been struggling to keep up. Well Jeremy is doing better than I am, but hey he's got a few years on me!

He's been really busy lately with midterms - well everyone has, but he's been extremely busy. And then (me being the great fiance that I am) asked him to accompany me in Church this Sunday as I have been asked to sing. So right now he's practicing the rather difficult arrangement that is in my key and dominating it I must say. FYI sometimes its frustrating to be engaged slash married to someone to excels at EVERYTHING! Well not frustrating, just embarrassing... yeeah...

I'm so grateful for him though. I had a major breakdown yesterday... it was bad. But Jeremy being the patient, kind, and loving man that he is just held me - and forced me to go to work which turned out to be a good thing in the end.

Its officially 58 (basically 57) days til we get married! Its amazing how fast its going by, yet it still seems like we have forever to go. We signed our marriage license application today so that was an exciting step forward! Well... yeeah... thats about it. We're exciting to see my parents tomorrow (its parents weekend down here at BYU), and thats pretty much it. Oh we also picked out our wedding announcement (finally) that was an ordeal ha. But tonight we just walked into a store and were like "I really like this one - me too" So we're gonna get it! Oh happy day :D Afterwards Jeremy was like, "I think I'm starting to figure it out: If I like one and you don't, I don't push it. If you really like one and I'm ok with it then I push forward and finalize the decision!" He's a bright one :D

Hope you all have wonderful days and even better weeks! Love you all!

October 10, 2010


Yesterday Jeremy and I went and started registering for our wedding. It was so much fun! Surprisingly Jeremy even enjoyed himself (shocking since we were in Target for about 4 hours - and we've still got a lot left to do). It was really exciting planning out color schemes and imagining what our little treehouse (nick name for our apartment) will look like when we get everything in it.

We're planning on going by sometime to check things out. We need to figure out what size bed we'll need and honestly the one time we were there we kind of laughed about the idea of living there so we don't remember much. But we're excited!

Today is Sunday and every Sunday I'm reminded of how grateful I am to have the chance to go to church with Jeremy. I mean, my ward is great - but there's something special about going to church as a couple. Only 69 days!

October 5, 2010

Loving the simple moments of life

I'm starting to learn more and more that there's a lot to be had in the little moments of life. Last night Jeremy brought me my favorite two BYU Creamery ice creams after work. It was so wonderful to sit and talk and enjoy our ice cream and being together. Sure it was 12:30 and we were both tired and stressed with school and work and the wedding, but its nice to know that my best friend will always be there, and be thinking of me. I'm so grateful for Jeremy and all that he does for me, and the chance we have to be married for time and all eternity in 73 days! Life is full of these hidden treasures. I'm trying not to be so preoccupied with everything else that I miss out on them.

October 4, 2010

The start of something new (HSM fans that was for you)

Today was quite the day.... woke up an hour late, ran to the bus stop... only to be early... and then it started to rain. Later that day while Jeremy and I were sitting in the Wilk (at BYU) I came up with the brilliant idea of starting a blog - voila! If you are reading this you have undoubtably found our blog. Well my blog about us - I highly doubt Jeremy will be doing much posting. But thats ok because my oh so handsome fiance is working extremely hard to prepare for dental school and is very busy. By the way he got a 94% on his anatomy test today!!! wahooo!!! That's right, I'm marrying a genius!

Tonight will consist of some serious studying, and FHE (please let us not have to play ultimate frisbee....). Well thats all for now! Hope you are all having a stupendous day and enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for reading :)