I'm a twenty-something girl who found her life love early on and knew I didn't want to live another day without being his wife. We quickly decided we wanted to start our family and haven't ever looked back. Being a wife and mother has brought me more joy and happiness than anything ever has or will and I highly recommend it :)

That being said, I've found that I'm a better wife, mother & woman when I take time for myself to create. I enjoy sewing, painting, home decorating, baking, graphic design, and have recently decided to take my photography skills to the next level by starting a photography business

A few of 'my favorite things' are musicals (The Sound of Music included), my pandora station, chocolate, thrifting, flowers, fresh air and natural light. I try to convince myself I like reading and running, but I really don't...

Sometimes, I feel like I'm still figuring myself out. Still discovering who I am and what I want to do with my life. If there's one thing I do know, it's that I am a daughter of God. Nothing rings truer to my soul. And I'm striving daily to become a better disciple of Christ. 

A few words about my family:

We live in Baltimore, Maryland, right in the city. Some days I think we're crazy and other days it makes me sad to think about the day we'll have to move. 

Jeremy, my husband, is in his third of four years in dental school. I've never met a person who craves knowledge as much as he does. I'm pretty sure the website he spends the most time on is Wikipedia. He's a very handy guy, which I do not take for granted. He's an awesome sport when I come up with crazy ideas like sanding and painting our kitchen table or building the bed frames I designed. We really enjoy doing projects together, especially making things for our kids. Jeremy is an awesome dad and a fabulous husband, and I thank God every day for sending him to my life.

Madeline is our first born. She just turned three and she is ALL GIRL. Anything pink, frilly, glittery or fancy and you've got her attention. She's very smart, though, and is eagerly looking forward to her first day of school. (Only a couple more years to go!)

Luke will be one in December. He has always been the sweetest baby and I'll never get enough of his big blue eyes and his chubs.

I've been blogging for the past four years and have been really grateful for the outlet and community blogging has brought to my life. Seriously how cool is it to be able to push a couple buttons and be surrounded by women who know and understand your passion for creating!? I love it. Freckle Blossom is relatively new, but you can find my very first blog posts here. I honestly find them pretty embarrassing... but that's where I started and I love to see how I've grown. I hope you enjoy exploring our site and that you find something to inspire you in your own life!

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