January 28, 2016

little readers

There are few sounds as sweet as your little reader practicing in the other room. And there are few sights as sweet as this. 

January 26, 2016

scenes from a snowy weekend

Madeline has been waiting a long time for snow and it finally came! She cried on Christmas because there wasn't any snow and then thought Santa was going to come the night of the blizzard. I probably confused her when I turned on a little Christmas music, but I just couldn't help it!  Watching the snow fall was magical, and we needed a proper soundtrack.

When we weren't venturing out into the snow we spent our time coloring, reading, building with legos and blocks, making snowflakes, giving haircuts, baking, and enjoying hot chocolate, or "choc oop" (chocolate soup) as Luke calls it :)  

I won't pretend there weren't a lot of cabin fever meltdowns (from all four of us) and we're all eager to continue getting back to a normal routine, but it was good for the soul to spend a few days hunkered down with my favorite people.  And HALLELUJAH  the power stayed on.