January 14, 2016

cows, caves and cars

Not gonna lie, the drive to Florida was long.... but I'm happy to report it was worth it!

In addition to going boot shopping and meeting some alligators we saw a dairy farm and milked a cow (she was nervous, so no pictures), we toured a cave and spent lots of great time making memories with grandma & grandpa :) 

Perhaps the most hilarious moment of our trip happened at a frozen custard place on the way home. We had just gotten our custard and were sitting at a table when Luke grabs the pepper and shakes it all over Madeline's m&m topped vanilla custard. I couldn't stop laughing. The best part was he didn't do it out of spite, he was trying to be helpful because he loves his sister that much.  

Grateful for the chance to visit family, but also grateful to be home and getting back into a routine, only not because of sick kids.... we'll get there.

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