June 28, 2011

Just to make you chuckle

So I thought I'd share with you a couple funny stories just to make you 


I've discovered that sneezing and pregnancy are two things I really don't appreciate at the same time.  Granted neither is my favorite but together they just don't do wonderful things to me...

About a week ago I was just chillin in the shower and I felt a sneeze coming on.
Alright, its just a sneeze, brace for it, its coming
That's right my sneeze set off my stupid hyper-active pregnant gag reflex
{and no I didn't mean my gag reflex is pregnant, just that since I've been pregnant my gag reflex is crazy hyper-active}
And it wasn't just one of those little gags that you're like ok that was awkward, but I'm good it was the kind that makes you uneasy for the rest of the morning.
Shower = ruined....

Last night we spent the evening with my family 
{dinner, FHE, games, etc.}
I had gone to the bathroom like 15 mins earlier but I really had to pee again.
I figured I could wait the like 5 mins til we got back to Jeremy's parents and then I'd just go there for the last time that night. 
But then I sneezed... And my poor little already squished bladder couldn't hold on any longer with the force of my belly thrusting down on it...
And I might have peed my pants a little bit... 
But only a little bit.  Still my family got quite the laugh out of it.

So there you have it.  Hope my miserable little pregnancy experiences brightened your day 
just a little bit. 


June 27, 2011

Continuing on the Journey to find true HAPPINESS

Last week was good - really good. 
Well it didn't start out good, but then everything changed.  
It was one of those weeks when you are really emotional 
and even the smallest thing can cause tears to flood your pillow.  
{I know at least some of you know what I'm talking about}

ALSO, is it stereotypical of pregnant women to take offense and imagine up that their husbands are trying to be mean and horrible and irresponsible? poor Jeremy.......

Jeremy had to work last week, not a lot, and I was happy that his dad had some things for him to work on, but it's hard going from being together all day every day to not being able to hear or talk to or see or be held by your hubby... you know what I mean? 

So after poor husband had a long day of work, and would have loved to come home and see his sweet, loving wife I randomly decided I was mad at him and took of all over Spokane taking pictures. When he called I didn't answer.... I really don't know what got into me.  I guess I just for some stupid reason got into my head that he didn't want to see me and I wasn't that important and gah I'm so STUPID! 

Long story short I wound up at the Temple and Jeremy called for the tenth time while I was there. 
He said he missed me, and he wanted me to come home, and I said some stupid things about how I felt hurt, and not loved, and he said he felt the same way.  I really can't remember how we even got there... 
{stupid hormones} 
But he convinced me to come home, and we cried and laughed and hugged and kissed...
and husband took me out on a date. 
And we were happy again.

I guess the reason I'm sharing this rather embarrassing story is because you really do have to choose to be happy.  You can't just wait around for it to happy, you have to make it happen.
For us it was just getting out of the house, just the two of us, and breaking the normal Thursday night routine to be together and talk and laugh and remember why we got married six months ago. 

When I was younger 
{as in like... uh.... a year or two ago?} 
I had it in my mind that when you got married in the Temple it was just kinda the end of hard work, and bad days, and everything was from then on 'Happily Ever After'
Boy was I wrong.  

Marriage is becoming selfless and giving all of yourself to someone else. 
Its no longer about me, but we. 
I learn this lesson a little more every day, and I don't think I'll ever have it perfected... but that's ok because we have eternity together :) 

SO last week was learning to EMBRACE THE DAY and what I got out of it was to embrace the things that happen, and the people we meet, and the opportunities to learn and grow and become the person you want to be - which for me is a HAPPY PERSON :D

So on to this week's challenge:
I realized that I kinda broke up the first 'phrase' but that's ok because they both deserve individual attention.

"The covenant with God to which you are true enables you to become enlightened by Him, and nothing is impossible for you."

Doesn't this make you feel powerful and like you could conquer anything?
We went to the Temple last Friday and I am so glad we did. 
There's something amazing about the temple and how it lifts your spirits and brings you closer to God like nothing else.  I'm specifically looking at this in the sense of 'you' meaning the two of you 
{i.e. husband and wife} 
Disclaimer: Sorry it probably sounds like Jeremy and I are having like huge marital problems, we're really not! Just to clarify.  I just know that when this baby gets here its gonna be hard, and we need to be fortified not only individually but together as well. 

Here's my goal for the week - this week I am going to not only read my scriptures every day, but study and ponder them and find out what the Lord wants me to be learning from Him.  I'm going to do everything I can to keep up my part of this covenant we've made and maybe, just maybe something impossible will happen this week!!! Maybe not... but that's ok! Lets do this thing!

Oh and I forgot to tell you that two days this week I had random burst of energy!
Usually I'm up at 9:30 - 10:00 and moping around the house forever but Saturday I just popped out of bed early! AND I stayed awake late making cinnamon rolls, and Sunday morning I had not problem getting up at 6:00 so I could be ready for choir practice ON TIME!
This little plan of mine is working - no denying it!
kluvyoubye :)

June 24, 2011

A little boy

Dear Baby,

I've been thinking a lot about you lately.  Are you going to be a good angel baby, or one of the fussy type?  What are you going to be when you grow up, and what is your personality like?  Are you going to have beautiful dark hair like your dad?  Or be bald til two like me?  And when will I be able to feel you baby - really feel you? I think I have, but I don't know for sure, and everyone says that you know it when you feel it, so lets just say that I have a wild imagination that thinks I've felt you, but really I haven't yet.... but maybe I have... who knows.

I also have some big ground breaking news for you.  I think I'd be ok if you are a boy.  If you're a girl I'll still love you too, I just want to let you know, I'm ok and excited either way.  {For the record, I did guess boy on the family guess sheet}.  But the more I think about it, I realize that little boys are fun and cute and wild and I'd love you so much!  I mean I do love you so much, I really can't wait to meet you!  Everybody is excited to meet you.  You have lots of aunts and uncles excited to play with you, and even more cousins to run around with {many more to follow on the Fullmer side}.  I just wanted to reassure you, myself, and everybody else I've told I 'wanted' a girl, that I'll be excited if your a boy, too.  But really, I know that Heavenly Father knows you, and that He knows me and daddy too, and He has the perfect plan for our little family and He knows what would be best for all of us.  Its still killing me to know what you are, but I guess I can wait a week and a half.  There are so many things I want to tell you and ask you, but I guess I'll just have to wait and watch you grow up.  I love you baby.


P.S.  I've decided that we're going to have lots of magical moments like this - just to let you know :)


Last... uh.... Wednesday we took the family boat out for its first spin of the season.


There's just no feeling like the wind in your hair, and learning a new trick/actually 
getting up on skis or the wake board
{of course due to the continually growing bump on my abdomen I stayed in the boat the whole time....
til next summer.  and yes baby, its because I love you!} 

But, due to my new fascination with photography I got to take pictures of some very cool broskies of mine, erego the title of this post: STUDS
Because believe it or not, my little brothers are little brothers anymore.  They're growing up, and getting tall, and buffing up, and they aren't the cute cuddly chubby cheeked lil boys they used to be...  

{Exhibit A}

{Exhibit B}

{Exhibit C}

So there you have it folks: My three STUD muffin brothers...
Even though sometimes they act more like The 3 Stooges haha

 AND, luckily there's still one more cute cuddly lil brother :)

June 22, 2011

Summer We're Ready For You!

We got our first warm weather yesterday 
and nothing could stop the kids from getting in the sprinkler
{not even Christian}

Waiting for the water to turn on

Dodging the water - the first time the water hit Joshua he said, "How do you get hot water mom?"

Mom tried to help Elizabeth get in 
{Neither one of them liked it}

Poor baby... lol


This ones great too -- Just a happy kid on a summer day

We're still trying to teach them how to smile.... lol

Elizabeth found some entertainment with Christian's ipod

I really need to get an automatically focusing 50mm

Then Christian came out to play - or torture is probably a better word

Joshua didn't like it very much lol

But Elizabeth like watching


But the smiles managed to come back out for a little bit :) 

Summer we missed you, and we're so glad you finally came around!
{feel free to stay for a while}

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

A week from today is my parents 
20th Wedding Anniversary!
{two weeks from today is when we find out boy or girl - just incase you forgot....}

Anyways, back to mum and dad
{An Australian lady came into BBW the other day... loved her accent!}

wow I'm really spacey today... sorry.

OK - so I had the brilliant idea of getting our parents some fine china for their 20th because I mean its a big deal and they've never had China, and its the "gift" of twenty, and they deserve something really nice from us kids - I mean seriously, they do SOOOOOO much for us!  I know we'll never be able to really repay them for all they do, but I think we set off in the right direction last night.

Since they are going on a little get away next week, we decided we'd plan a special little something for them before they left {and we did it really early so make sure it was nice weather}

We gave them an invitation a few days before - just so they didn't plan something else.
And then we had them follow some arrows that Rachel masterfully cut out down our driveway and across the street to our neighbors back yard.

They are the sweetest, nicest, retired couple and their backyard is GORGEOUS!
They work so hard on it - we were so grateful that they let us use it  :D

Curiosity is setting in

"Oh I see where we're going..."

A little dip and kiss under the gate
{I'm sure this looked more romantic from the side... but haha you know}

Sorry, not the most flattering shot, but you can actually see the trellis that they're under

Let it be known, that my father is a gentle man

So precious!

My beautiful Mother :) 
{Also in this picture you can see that we served them their dinner on the China - but we didn't tell them it was their's til later.  When they asked where we got the China we said, "We borrowed it from Jeremy's parents" which is true - haha they just assumed it was his biological parents we borrowed it from.
haha we're so sneaky!}

We presented them with their China when we brought down their dessert
{Which was the traditional raspberries and ice cream they had at their reception}

The help {Peter would have helped too, he was just at mutual til after the festivities ended....}

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
We are so glad that you two decided to get married 20 years ago
{literally because otherwise we wouldn't be here!}
Thank you for the wonderful parents you are and the great example of what a marriage should be like

We love you!!!

We're getting ready for ya baby!

So last week I just happened to volunteer to drive my sister Hannah to her birthday party.
{If I hadn't for some random reason decided to drive her, this blog post would be non existent!} 

Anyways, on our way we happened to drive past a garage sale and I noticed they had a lot of baby stuff,
a changing table in particular**

On my way back, I couldn't resist.  I stopped just to take a look.  I knew I only had like $15 on me and I wasn't really willing to pay more than $10, and guess what:

That sucker was 10 bucks!

I was so excited!  I loaded it into the back of my mom's yukon
{good thing I took that car and not ours} 
and took it home!

Luckily Jeremy liked it too - sometimes he doesn't like the things I buy.... 
but we'll save that story for another day!

It still gives me goosebumps realizing we'll be able to use it in a few short months! 
And I'm so excited that we have started on our nursery! 


p.s. Jeremy has shaved and had a hair cut since this picture 

June 20, 2011


Do you ever get to the point in your life, when you feel like something is missing?
I've come to the conclusion that I could be happier.  
Not only that, but I want to be happier. 

Its starting to hit me, that very soon I will be responsible for a human being, another child of God
and I want to be ready and be the best self I can be before this little baby gets here
because from what I've heard there's not much 'me' time with a baby.

I realize that motherhood isn't all fun and games.

But I want moments like these to be magical more often than not.

A few years ago I came across a talk given by Elder Busche at a BYU Devotional, and yesterday I was reminded of it so I watched it, and I really feel like its an answer to my prayers.

So for the rest of this summer, each week I'm going to focus on one piece of advice from Elder Busche.
So seeing as it is Monday what better day to start.  This week's focus is:

"Embrace this day with an enthusiastic welcome, 
no matter how it looks."

On most days this comes pretty easy for me.  I love going to sleep with my window open
{for one because the fresh cool air is like the best thing ever when you can't sleep when you're pregnant}
But the main reason is that I get to wake up looking at the beautiful rolling hills of Mead, Washington.  
Oh how I love it here.  I love the blue sky, and how the clouds are always beautiful no matter how they look.
I love the wheat fields and the air and the pine trees and just everything. 

But I've come to realize that this probably is referring to more than just the weather - maybe like how you're schedule looks?  I think I could be a lot better at embracing everything in my day, not just the weather. 
So here's to you challenge of the week - I'm ready to go!

I really feel like as I change the lame habits in my life 
{we won't go into any details}
That I will find happiness.  
And that I'll enjoy being alive each day, rather than moping around making it from day to day.  
So that when He comes again, I'll be able to say 'I did my best, I've made it as close to perfect as I can with out you, I'm ready to become perfected in you.'

June 14, 2011

The Ring Test

Well the test says GIRL my friends... guess we'll just have to wait and see!  
{Disclaimer: I'm really not a superstitious person - it was all in good fun;
mostly to see my adorable husband roll his eyes haha}

Yep that's pretty much all I have to say.  


June 13, 2011

Three Weeks and Two Days

Last week I had another doctor's appointment - I sure love hearing how well our little baby is doing!  Hard to believe its already the size of an avocado and going to double its size in now time! 


I'm really excited to be able to feel this little one kicking inside of me
Then I don't have to wait til appointments to hear a heart beat and know there's really something in there :) 

AND in just a few short weeks and a couple of days we'll get to see if we're having a boy or a girl!
{Can you tell its killing me?} 

I'm thinking about trying the 'boy/girl' test
{You take both our wedding rings and hand them on a string.  Jeremy drops it in front of my belly and if it swings side to side it's a girl.  If it spins, its a boy.  Yes I know that doesn't really tell you anything, but hey it'd be fun to see!} 

I'm kinda starting to think its going to be a boy.  I've been thinking about boy names a lot lately.  Or maybe I just feel bad that I want a girl and it might in fact be a boy... who knows.
But on our family guessing list, I wrote boy - crazy.  

We'll see lol I just really want to know so that I can start decorating it's little nursery! 

Speaking of nursery, that's our calling in church.  We've had a hard time with the lessons and getting the kids to pay attention.  They've been coloring during the lesson, and its even more hard than normal to get them to sit still.  Not to mention it feels really irreverent to say a prayer when they're all screaming for crayons... yeah...

But yesterday we tried sitting down on the floor.  I'm pretty sure with a few weeks of practice they'll get the hang of it.  Several of them did pay attention for at least a little bit, but I still think they can do better lol 

So that's the gist of our updates - not much else to report.  

{I'll keep you updated on the wedding ring test :) } 


June 7, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I can't believe how fast you're growing!  Its hard to believe that you're already the size of an apple, and that in a few short weeks you'll be the size of a pumpkin laying in my arms.  I have another doctor's apointment tomorrow and I can't wait!  I love hearing the doctor tell me how good you're doing and how strong you're getting.  You really are mine forever :)

Are you going to be a boy or a girl?  It is kinda killing me slowly... I promise I'll love you either way, I just want to know!  I can't wait to start sewing blankets and things for your room (which is going to be really cute btw)! It's kind of hard to explain how much I love you already, but I do.  Your daddy loves you too, and he can't wait til you get bigger and he can feel you kicking :)  He's going to be the best dad ever!

I do have to tell you baby, that I'm a little nervous about you coming.  I'm telling you right up front - I've never been a mom before!  I can't promise you that as parents we're going to do everything right.  I'll just apologize in advance for that.  But I will promise you that you will be loved, and taught about a Heavenly Father who loves you very much.  As far as your temporal needs, we'll do our best. 

Just one little request on our part - could you possibly be one of the perfect little angel babies we hear about from time to time.  The kind that are sleeping through a good portion of the night by 4 months and doesn't cry very much (other wise we're letting you stay with your cousin Clara til you learn, cause she's a little angel!) haha Just kidding. But if you were an easy baby, we sure would love it!  I probably just jinxed myself... shoot.  Oh well.

I love you baby, and I hope your enjoying all these nutrients I'm sending your way - I sure am not.  Also would you mind just inching upward a little bit?  I'm kinda sick of having to pee all the dang time.  I love you so much little one, and I can't wait to hold you in my arms and meet you in just a few more months!



June 6, 2011

Oh and by the way did I mention my husband is a genius?

So way back in May {May 28th to be exact} 
Jeremy took the Dental Admission Test 
{I'm pretty sure that's what DAT stands for....}

Anyways, he studied for all of May - I like never got to see him :( 
But it payed off because he got a 23 on the DAT!!!

{A little info for you:  The DAT is on a scale of 1 - 30.  But, the highest anyone got last year was a 27.  Most people get an average of a 17 and the average Dental acceptance score is a 19.}

Do the math and Jeremy is in the 99.7 percentile!!!!
yeeeah..... That's my husband!!! :)  

I'm so proud of him, and I know he's going to do great in Dental School and that we're going to be ok.
It is kinda a big deal to let the live of you and your children rest in the hands of a man's academic skills!
But like I said before, Jeremy is a genius - so I'm not worried at all
{FYI I never was... lol}

Jeremy I love you and I'm so proud of you!  I'm so grateful to you for all of your hard work, and your patience with me (esp. the pregnant me).  You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm so happy to be sharing this journey called life with YOU!!!

I'm kinda startin to love this whole photography thing

Being completely honest with myself, I really know nothing yet...
 But its so much fun!

This is a shot I took a while ago - but I still LOVE it!!!
Isn't it so cool? 

{ Maybe it is my desktop background - what of it? }

But what I'm really excited about is what I got to play with on Saturday :) 
My Grandpa Fullmer was always really into photography.  Three of his four sons definitely inherited his genes (and some of his lenses) and my Dad is one of them.  So on Saturday, my dad let me borrow his 50mm 1.4 lens.  Let me just tell you - I am in l.o.v.e. 

People always say that the lens makes all the difference - I believe them now.
It was also special being able to use my Grandpa's (who passed away just a few months ago).  Although I was kinda bummed that the lens doesn't automatically focus on my camera like my dad's because mine is so new... lame... lol but its ok!  Still fun :)  

So to what you all really want to see - the pictures:

They would not smile naturally so I was tickling them haha

I just love how soft the pictures are and how the viewer is drawn into the eyes
{esp. these beautiful, sparkling, blue eyes}

This is definitely the photo of the day - now do you see why I love this lens?

I so hope that I have some genes in me ready to make a little red head girl just like Emma 

I wish I could let you hear Emma's little giggle, because it is like music - so cute!  
But this will just have to suffice for now.

At this point Elizabeth is screaming, "Ehhhhhhhhhhh......MMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
Gottah love sisters :)

There's our little model for ya

I'm sorry, I just can't get over how pretty her eyes are!

Such a dork...

I can't believe how much my lil broskie is growin up!  He's a cute kid!
{When we were looking at these pictures on the computer, and we got to this one Rachel said, "Wait, Adam has braces???" haha}

And yes, I was tickling Adam too - I wanted a real smile!

I love Rachel's cute little freckles :) 

Well that's probably enough to bore you to death.  Just wanted to let you all know - I'm starting to get my creative edge on haha


June 1, 2011

I have a confession...

But this confession comes with a resolution, too, 
so don't write me off right off the bat - k?

I have been a bad mother.
I don't even know if this kid is a boy or a girl - and I'm already being irresponsible and selfish.
I'm officially out of my first trimester so really I can't use that as my excuse anymore
{although I still do get nauseated more than I thought I would at this point}

I hadn't realized how bad I've been til this morning when my mom asked me what I had for breakfast 
-- nothing.
Then she {kindly} scolded me for not taking good care of her grand-baby.
It was at that moment that I realized just how bad I really have been.

Here's a little glimpse into my poor nutrition habits lately:

1. As previously mentioned I don't eat breakfast very often.  At first I was pretty good, but toast gets old pretty fast, and protein shakes (as recommended by my doctor) are nasty.  I'm a picky eater too so that makes this whole eat healthy thing even harder.  

2.  My prenatal vitamin container probably hasn't been opened in like a month
I know you're all really mad and ashamed and I'm so selfish cause the only reason I don't take them is they make me so dang sick and I hate it - but I love this baby more so I'm gonna start taking them again...

3. I usually eat lunch, just because I'm so dang hungry by then, but sadly, it could be healthier. 
The worst of the worst - I had popcorn and skittles for lunch on Monday.  
Yep, call CPS, I don't deserve to be a mom.

4. Exercise.  I could probably just leave it at that, but I'll say a few words.
I started out this pregnancy great! I was like yeah be healthy, exercise! Got some super cool prego work out videos and just dominated it.  
Day 2 of exercise plan - epic fail.  For some reason I just didn't really feel too good that morning, and I was like 6 weeks pregnant so weird! {Heavy sarcasm here people - I'm not that much of an idiot}
Yeah - first trimester symptoms don't really play well into that whole eat healthy and exercise plan. 
So the next few months were kinda scary. 

I think thats like the gist of my really bad habits.
But I mean, it is hard when you have a super-crazed gag reflex that thinks its funny to make you look stupid when you're brushing your teeth, or trying to eat the fish your dad made for his birthday. 
Or just trying to eat plain old chicken breasts that I know aren't your favorite
 - but you need the protein girl!

I really am not that much of a fan of meat - I'll do like a deli turkey sandwich every once in a while {which I'm not even supposed to eat whilst pregnant}, and eat a piece of turkey on thanksgiving; I'll eat half a chicken breast when my dad grills - but meat and I just really aren't friends.  I don't do bacon, sausage, any kind of fish at all and thanks to Mr. Gag Reflex I really don't do hardly any meat at all these days.  Except cheeseburgers - I can almost eat a whole one! 
Poor baby... and husband.... 

SO -- lets get to the resolution part of this post.  
I'm embarrassed enough by my horrible habits. 

First of all I'm taking my prenatal vitamins.  I hope its not to late, because if we have a baby with
 spina bifida {however you spell it} or anything bad like that, I don't think I'll ever forgive myself. 
I want to cry just thinking about it. 

Next I'm going to eat breakfast - I'm going to the store as soon as I hit "publish post".
I'm going to stock up on produce, and get me some whole grain cereal and its going to be good - ooh and maybe some yogurt too. I love yogurt!

Third, I'm going to try and eat lots of small meals during the day so that I'm not just grazing on these:

{Yes we have this size box in our room...} 
But seriously I love them because nothing calms my stomach like them! 
and lets be real - they are so good!

And these - I don't even know where to start. 
They are the craving of my pregnancy. 
I could (and literally do some days) eat like then of them.

And neither of these two wonderful, heaven sent delicacies are bad in small quantities, 
but I could really cut back a little - lot. 

So we'll work on small healthy meals/snacks every couple of hours
{Like my Aunt Alice-Marie suggested a long time ago}

Fourth, and finally, I'm going to exercise.  Get up before 10:00 each day and work out, eat healthy,
and you know, I don't think baby will be the only one benefiting from this.
I feel healthier and happier just thinking about these great changes!  

So there you go.  Thats my confession.  I'm sorry baby. I hope its not too late, because I love you so much and I can't wait to know you as more than just a little bump :) 

{There really is something in there!}

Also if anyone else is going through this same thing I am, I highly recommend this book

I bought it right after I found out I was pregnant and started reading it today - its actually pretty good!