June 13, 2011

Three Weeks and Two Days

Last week I had another doctor's appointment - I sure love hearing how well our little baby is doing!  Hard to believe its already the size of an avocado and going to double its size in now time! 


I'm really excited to be able to feel this little one kicking inside of me
Then I don't have to wait til appointments to hear a heart beat and know there's really something in there :) 

AND in just a few short weeks and a couple of days we'll get to see if we're having a boy or a girl!
{Can you tell its killing me?} 

I'm thinking about trying the 'boy/girl' test
{You take both our wedding rings and hand them on a string.  Jeremy drops it in front of my belly and if it swings side to side it's a girl.  If it spins, its a boy.  Yes I know that doesn't really tell you anything, but hey it'd be fun to see!} 

I'm kinda starting to think its going to be a boy.  I've been thinking about boy names a lot lately.  Or maybe I just feel bad that I want a girl and it might in fact be a boy... who knows.
But on our family guessing list, I wrote boy - crazy.  

We'll see lol I just really want to know so that I can start decorating it's little nursery! 

Speaking of nursery, that's our calling in church.  We've had a hard time with the lessons and getting the kids to pay attention.  They've been coloring during the lesson, and its even more hard than normal to get them to sit still.  Not to mention it feels really irreverent to say a prayer when they're all screaming for crayons... yeah...

But yesterday we tried sitting down on the floor.  I'm pretty sure with a few weeks of practice they'll get the hang of it.  Several of them did pay attention for at least a little bit, but I still think they can do better lol 

So that's the gist of our updates - not much else to report.  

{I'll keep you updated on the wedding ring test :) } 



  1. Pooh-pooh to the ring test... I think your new PINK backdrop signifies that your future is filled with pink... even if I did guess a boy as well. Can't wait to find out... I almost bought a cute little girl outfit today! I'm excited to be a Grandma!

  2. good luck! I'm so excited for you guys! :o) Whatever the sex, you guys will be great parents to one lucky little baby!


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