June 6, 2011

I'm kinda startin to love this whole photography thing

Being completely honest with myself, I really know nothing yet...
 But its so much fun!

This is a shot I took a while ago - but I still LOVE it!!!
Isn't it so cool? 

{ Maybe it is my desktop background - what of it? }

But what I'm really excited about is what I got to play with on Saturday :) 
My Grandpa Fullmer was always really into photography.  Three of his four sons definitely inherited his genes (and some of his lenses) and my Dad is one of them.  So on Saturday, my dad let me borrow his 50mm 1.4 lens.  Let me just tell you - I am in l.o.v.e. 

People always say that the lens makes all the difference - I believe them now.
It was also special being able to use my Grandpa's (who passed away just a few months ago).  Although I was kinda bummed that the lens doesn't automatically focus on my camera like my dad's because mine is so new... lame... lol but its ok!  Still fun :)  

So to what you all really want to see - the pictures:

They would not smile naturally so I was tickling them haha

I just love how soft the pictures are and how the viewer is drawn into the eyes
{esp. these beautiful, sparkling, blue eyes}

This is definitely the photo of the day - now do you see why I love this lens?

I so hope that I have some genes in me ready to make a little red head girl just like Emma 

I wish I could let you hear Emma's little giggle, because it is like music - so cute!  
But this will just have to suffice for now.

At this point Elizabeth is screaming, "Ehhhhhhhhhhh......MMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
Gottah love sisters :)

There's our little model for ya

I'm sorry, I just can't get over how pretty her eyes are!

Such a dork...

I can't believe how much my lil broskie is growin up!  He's a cute kid!
{When we were looking at these pictures on the computer, and we got to this one Rachel said, "Wait, Adam has braces???" haha}

And yes, I was tickling Adam too - I wanted a real smile!

I love Rachel's cute little freckles :) 

Well that's probably enough to bore you to death.  Just wanted to let you all know - I'm starting to get my creative edge on haha


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  1. yay!! Rachel these look fantastic! I wondered how that lens would work on your super new camera, but I'm glad you got it to focus manually! I got mine today and I LOOOVE it! It takes awesome pics even in dark indoors, without kicking up the ISO to 2500 and making it super grainy!


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