June 24, 2011


Last... uh.... Wednesday we took the family boat out for its first spin of the season.


There's just no feeling like the wind in your hair, and learning a new trick/actually 
getting up on skis or the wake board
{of course due to the continually growing bump on my abdomen I stayed in the boat the whole time....
til next summer.  and yes baby, its because I love you!} 

But, due to my new fascination with photography I got to take pictures of some very cool broskies of mine, erego the title of this post: STUDS
Because believe it or not, my little brothers are little brothers anymore.  They're growing up, and getting tall, and buffing up, and they aren't the cute cuddly chubby cheeked lil boys they used to be...  

{Exhibit A}

{Exhibit B}

{Exhibit C}

So there you have it folks: My three STUD muffin brothers...
Even though sometimes they act more like The 3 Stooges haha

 AND, luckily there's still one more cute cuddly lil brother :)


  1. Great pictures. wish we could be up there and join you on the lake.

  2. Hey! There's a blonde, red head, and brunette :)haha There are a lot of jokes that could go with that picture.... just sayin.


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