April 28, 2015

baltimore children photographer: miss rosie

Following this little girl around was such a treat. She was sweet, cooperative and I think she would have stayed under that magnolia tree all day if we'd let her :) Thanks for such a great morning Rosie!

to my children: i'm praying for you

Dear Madeline and Luke,

My heart is heavy today, full of concerns and prayers and hope for the future.

Last night as you slept helicopters hovered over our house, sirens wailed and destruction took place in areas not far from us. From this computer screen I watched news cameras document buildings burning, tear gas erupting and riots ensuing in places we know. And while I never felt in danger, I was left with a tangible ache inside myself, knowing that through your lifetime you will see more hurt and anger in this world.

As you grow I have no doubt that the calamities we witnessed last night, so close to your small sleeping frames, will pale in comparison to what the future holds.  You will see peers make wrong choices and loved ones suffer. Violence will escalade. Natural disasters will strike. Wars and rumors of wars will become your reality and all this I cannot stop.

Today I am praying for this city we love and for those who are in pain we can't fully understand. I pray that hearts will be softened and that peace will come over all those who are filled with hatred.

But more than anything, I am praying for you.

I pray that you will know, without a doubt, that you are children of God. That He knows you, He hears you and He's counting on you to be standards of truth and light in this ever darkening world. 

I pray that just as surely as you know of His love for you, you know of His love for all people. I pray you'll take the time to learn about other cultures and religions. That you'll be blessed with understanding hearts for those that are different from you. And that you will look beyond skin color and see people for who they really are, your brothers and sisters in God. 

I pray you will know your home is a place of safety. That while I cannot always keep you safe in the world, I am doing my best to create a haven for you to rest. Please know within these walls we'll strive to keep the spirit present. In this home we can always discuss hard things and be open and honest with one another. Your friends will always be welcome here and I hope you'll invite them often.

I pray you'll choose righteousness and seek truth wherever you go. Already you are such beacons of light and I know that you were chosen by God for this day. Please continue to shine brightly. You lift so many around you. Keep sharing the goodness inside of you, the world can always use more kindness.

I pray you'll know that I love you. That you'll never be afraid to tell me your mistakes or your heartaches. No matter what paths you take and what choices you make, I will always love you. Dearest children, you are the sweetest blessings I have ever been given. With tears streaming down my face, I pray I can be a strength to you as your mother.

There are so many prayers I've said and will say on your behalf. It would take too long to share all of my prayers for you. 

You are the future, and I know as you choose the Lord's side it will all work out.

Today, and every day, I am praying for you.


April 27, 2015

quick trip to cary

^^ It's hard to anticipate what a three year old will do next ^^

^^ We were the only Miller girl cousins for (what felt like) EVER! ^^

The kids and I drove to Cary, North Carolina last week for a little weekend trip. Our main purpose in going was to take senior pictures of my cousin Patricia, which was so fun! And I can't wait to share more of those photos soon. 

But man oh man was it great to see family! There were so many moments when I wished I'd grabbed my camera and I just didn't. It's exhausting being a "single mom" in someone else's house, even with lots of helping hands. And it was well worth it, I just didn't photograph it very well. I want to be better at capturing moments with loved ones. Anyway, my kids had such a wonderful time and got so much attention they were insanely happy clams. Coming home was hard. But being greeted by daddy was the best part of our trip. 

About five minutes from home Madeline said out of nowhere,"Mom, I want to go home and kiss daddy." And I was thinking the same thing.

It's good to be home.

April 6, 2015

easter sunday

^^ these curls... I'm not sure if she or I love them more :) ^^

 ^^ the boys don't like pictures quite as much as Madeline ;) ^^

^^ We asked Madeline to take a picture of us :) ^^ 

^^ Jeremy's family has been making this cake every easter for literally decades. 
Madeline kept calling it "the wells cake". :) ^^ 

Yesterday was perfection. There were no easter egg hunts, no baskets, almost no candy and I have to say we really liked it. Instead we focused on the beautiful weather, let Madeline feel like the princess of all princesses in her new easter dress ($20, costco for the win!) :), listened to amazing conference talks, and a took the chance to focus more deeply on our Savior.

What a blessing He is in our lives. I'm so grateful that He lives and He loves us and through Him we can be made whole again.

Happy Easter