April 27, 2015

quick trip to cary

^^ It's hard to anticipate what a three year old will do next ^^

^^ We were the only Miller girl cousins for (what felt like) EVER! ^^

The kids and I drove to Cary, North Carolina last week for a little weekend trip. Our main purpose in going was to take senior pictures of my cousin Patricia, which was so fun! And I can't wait to share more of those photos soon. 

But man oh man was it great to see family! There were so many moments when I wished I'd grabbed my camera and I just didn't. It's exhausting being a "single mom" in someone else's house, even with lots of helping hands. And it was well worth it, I just didn't photograph it very well. I want to be better at capturing moments with loved ones. Anyway, my kids had such a wonderful time and got so much attention they were insanely happy clams. Coming home was hard. But being greeted by daddy was the best part of our trip. 

About five minutes from home Madeline said out of nowhere,"Mom, I want to go home and kiss daddy." And I was thinking the same thing.

It's good to be home.

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