April 6, 2015

easter sunday

^^ these curls... I'm not sure if she or I love them more :) ^^

 ^^ the boys don't like pictures quite as much as Madeline ;) ^^

^^ We asked Madeline to take a picture of us :) ^^ 

^^ Jeremy's family has been making this cake every easter for literally decades. 
Madeline kept calling it "the wells cake". :) ^^ 

Yesterday was perfection. There were no easter egg hunts, no baskets, almost no candy and I have to say we really liked it. Instead we focused on the beautiful weather, let Madeline feel like the princess of all princesses in her new easter dress ($20, costco for the win!) :), listened to amazing conference talks, and a took the chance to focus more deeply on our Savior.

What a blessing He is in our lives. I'm so grateful that He lives and He loves us and through Him we can be made whole again.

Happy Easter


  1. That last photo outside, with you and both the kids!! STole my heart. Actually, so many good ones!!

  2. Madeline in that dress is to die for!


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