August 7, 2015

arm chair reveal - they're finished!!!!

^^ someday I MIGHT remember to take a decent, non-phone, before picture :) ^^

Don't you just love them!!! Ahh... I do. I know they're white, but I love white, and they're in our room so hopefully traffic will be kept to a minimum :) The wood is looking a lot more black, but they're just a dark brown. Probably could have done with one less coat of stain... Oh well. I still love them.

Eight months ago someone offered these chairs up for free. Having NO upholstery experience, but lots of desire to learn, I claimed those suckers and immediately began cleaning them.... And then ripping them apart. 

It has been a looooonnnnngggg slow process, mostly because we have no workspace, and pulling supplies and tools out and then putting them away each night doesn't leave much time for progress. Not gonna lie, Jeremy did most of the work. This definitely started out as a, "Sarah this is your project and I'm not helping." But Jeremy, wonderful husband that he is, cannot stay away from a project lol. And I love him for it. 

After a few months we both came to the conclusion that we were reading far too many online tutorials and not moving forward. We read lots of great reviews on the book Spruce, ordered it and oh man, worth every penny. Amanda Brown knows what she is talking about. If you're contemplating your first upholstery project, I'd definitely get this book.
SO there you have it. Two beautiful and comfy chairs for our bedroom. Thank you Jeremy! You're amazing. 

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  1. That is AMAZING! We just saw a chair on the side of the road we wanted to do that with, but the leg was broken off and gone, so I guess we'll keep on the look out! Awesome to see how helpful that book was! They are gorgeous!
    P.S. I personally am in love with the super dark stain :)


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