February 25, 2014

Fort McHenry

^^Rabid baby…?^^
Last week when we still had family here (more pictures from our fun weekend to come) we went out and visited Fort McHenry. Jeremy and I had never been, and it was absolutely beautiful outside, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do :)

I grabbed my camera as we were heading out the door because I haven't felt camera creative in a long time and it was kind of calling to me. So glad I did. These might not be the most amazing photos in the world, but it felt good to "warm up" that side of my brain again. Didn't get to editing them, too. But it was a good place to start. 

Kind of bummed we didn't get a group shot! But that's ok. Fun to go explore another piece of our beloved Baltimore. Can't believe we live here! So gorgeous :)

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