January 18, 2013

an update with a video

Madeline has been hamming it in the department of facial expressions.  I tried to get a picture of her newest and most entertaining look, but it turns out photo-booth is very entertaining when you're just shy of fourteen months.  Hope you enjoy the video just the same.  She almost does the 'look' a couple times, but not nearly as well as she can...  Also, if you find the video funny you should have seen her watch this video ten times.  We were laughing pretty hard.

I keep thinking parenting can't get any better than this, but it keeps getting better! I can't express what a rewarding blessing it is to spend my days with this sweet little girl. I love the little lights that flicker on when she puts the pieces of her world together.  Today she was wandering around doing her thing when she quickly reached for her toes and exclaimed, "DOES!" The same thing happened yesterday only it was with her noes and it was, "Ni, Ni Ni!" The way she views the world... It's contagious.  Things aren't always happy around here, but there are definitely more giggles than cries.

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  1. She is just precious- I LOVE when she starts playing peek-a-boo! And I completely agree. Parenting just keeps getting BETTER! My little guy is almost ten months!


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