January 28, 2013

a lipstick confession

I only recently bought myself my first tube of lipstick.  And BAM I feel like a woman! I will admit it takes some courage to tell your plump neutral lips that you'd like them to own up to the wonderful hot-pink-ness they were intended to be. {I still haven't worn it out of the house without frantically trying to take most of it off}  I think part of the problem might be I'm still not sure how to put it on..? Needless to say I never knew how fun lipstick can be.  Most of all I love seeing where I kissed miss Madeline last :)


  1. Sarah, you look amazing! And you should wear lipstick more often!

  2. I'd like to echo Anna's statement...AMAZING! Seriously. you're glowing. Are you sure you're not pregnant?

  3. I feel the same way...not sure how to wear it. You look great!

  4. That last picture is so sweet! Love it!

    I'm not usually a big lip stick fan, but I'll occasionally wear a pinkish/magenta color that is similar to my natural lip color. I love the color you choose. So pretty :)



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