March 14, 2011

my day has been about like this...

{Warning, this is a me venting about how lame my day was so if you don't want to read it, I don't be offended}

{This is my puppy dog face that husband things is pathetic}
{yeah i guess he has a point}

it started out when i didn't get up and get ready early like i knew i should have... but thats ok - i got to sleep in more. but now i'm regreting that still need to get ready before work tonight

then i was having this awesome dream about jimmer - and husband woke me up
{seriously it was a good dream! I was like his autobiography assistant/writer person}
Husband didn't think my jimmer dream was worth going back to bed to continue haha.......

Then i totally forgot about my counselor apointment this morning so i missed it

its raining

my tummy has hurt all day - and i keep eating things that make it worse
string cheese, yogurt, cookies & cream milk {so worth it though}, chocolate, brownie, gah i just keep eating! I need some healthy food pronto and a gym membership....

my OBGYN called to remind me about my first baby apointment tomorrow :)
yay! Thats so exciting, only I'm not having a baby anymore - thanks for the reminder!
Lets just say I'm not very happy with these peeps right now.  Especially when I, their upset client, called to cancel the appointment {yes I finally spelled appointment right} and they didn't even say SORRY!!!
really people?  Would it kill you to offer a little bit of sympathy???

Now I'm sitting home, trying to talk myself into doing something productive... ew...
"ok - be brave, be strong, get off the couch, close the computer, and make the house nice and clean for when husband gets home :) ready, set, go... or maybe not"


i'm getting up - i'm walking towards the kitchen 
hope your day is happier than mine!!!

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