March 4, 2011

still hard...

Well I thought I was doing just great, and getting over the miscarriage until we get a letter in the mail from my OBGYN with all the forms I need to fill out before my first baby appointment.
{Ironic because I have a miscarriage appointment scheduled for the week 
before that appointment had been needed...}
Like, I understand that everybody makes mistakes, 
but that wasn't really what I wanted to be reminded of, you know?
I spent a couple hours looking at baby names last night, and I can't tell you how many hours I spend looking at all of the adorable babies and pregnant women on facebook and blogger. 
All my life, I've wanted to be a mom, and I know someday I will be, 
its just hard not knowing when that someday will be.  

On a lighter note, its FRIDAY and its not supposed to rain today :) 

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  1. awww i'm so sorry! That's not a fun reminder at all! Good luck to you guys! It's always good to be prepared for when that time comes, ya know? You'll have your list of names and all kinds of ideas for everything :o)


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