March 21, 2011


Its hard to believe that there's only one more month of school!
This semester has gone by oh so quickly
{Thank goodness}
It's been a busy and exhausting couple of months and we are ready for a break.
It looks like we'll be heading back up to Spokane for the summer
I'm so excited!
This will probably be one of the last times we get to spend much time with our families
{Before dental school that is - and who knows where we'll be}
Anyhoo, we're excited!

We're also, on the way to Spokane, going to take a trip to Arches National Park :)
We got our camping stuff back from Jeremy's sister last Saturday and we're getting pumped!
We both love being outdoors and hiking and stuff so it's gonna be fun

We'll spend the rest of the summer working and spending time with family
I'll probably take a few online courses  - knock some more GEs out of the water

Just a funny story about how awesome my husband is :)
So Jeremy was in the bathroom and I was doing something at the kitchen sink 
{Right next to the bathroom}
He came out and I thought I heard running water.
I looked over and sure enough our toilet was flooding everywhere
Like not just your typical little over flow - so much water! and rushing out FAST!
All I could do was stare and say, "Jer...." 
Before I knew it he was in there, shut off the water, started plunging and mopped up all the water
I wouldn't have even thought to turn off the water!
{Yes I am an idiot}
But that's why I love my husband :) 
Because he's so smart and can fix anything!!! 

I love you babe 

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