March 1, 2011

and the birds are singing :)

It's March
and today has been a beautiful day!
The sky is blue, the grass is - getting greener... there's a gentle breeze, the sun is shining,
and the birds are singing :)
Don't you just love being outside in the early morning listening to them sing out their hearts!
I do - it makes me happy to be alive
{Yes this is the same Sarah who posted yesterday...}
Tuesdays are much easier to love - cause I only have one class, and its my favorite!

Just as a little update - the cake turned out beautifully
{and it was delicious}
Only, right after I finished frosting it, it started to slip and slide and drip...
Luckily we got it into the freezer before it got too bad, but it wasn't that pretty in the end.
The girl I made it for appreciated it 
{So did Jeremy and the two other guys we work with}
 Here's some pictures:

mmmmmmmmm..... good!!!!!

Well ttfn - husband is letting me go shopping :)

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