March 25, 2011

Baby its (still) cold outside

Well - I headed off to class this morning all ready to enjoy a nice spring day :)
Instead I exited our treehouse to this:

Which ended up turing into this:

Which resulted in this: 

Ok not really... but I miss my sisters :( And this is a very funny picture hehe 
{Not sure where Elizabeth is.....}

It actually resulted in like a frowny face/grumpy me... but you get the point.

Lets just say I chose the wrong day to wear fabric flats

And I have a cold that doesn't appreciate being outside in the cold 
{Wow I'm really on one today}

But on the bright side, Husband is AMAZING and has been catering to my every need
even the ones that don't need to be tended to. 

And I love him :)

And guess what - when I woke up this morning I had an eyelash in my eye
{well what I thought was an eyelash}
After a few mins of trying to get it out of my eye, and poking myself in the eye several times, and crying because my eye was watering/it hurt a little bit, I got out a 1.5 inch hair that was black (dark brown)
Guess who that came from???
I got it out, but man it hurt! 
Quesiton #1 How did it get in there?
Question #2 .... ok I don't have anymore questions. 

All I know is that my head hurts, and I want to go to sleep, but I have a hw assignment due soon, and I shouldn't be complaining because husband went to bed at 4:30 last night!!!!
{Stupid econ paper/book} 

Well yeah... that's probably enough rambling for one post


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