March 26, 2015

sunshine, practice and baby blowing kisses

^^ I love the stage where they constantly look like 
they're about to fall over but they never do. ^^

^^ Not pictured, the cutest little boy bringing me a three flower bouquet.
He was so excited, it happened fast. ^^

^^ She thinks they're supposed to hold hands in every picture together. 
.... he disagrees. ^^

^^ He blew me the sweetest kiss. ^^

^^ Then he blew one for daddy, too. ^^

There are a lot of reasons I'm bombarding the internet with yet MORE photos of my adorable children. For example, it's actually warm outside which means I finally have the desire to practice with my new camera and I have subjects who aren't cold and miserable. I was also trying out a new lens (85mm is pretty tight inside our house). Add to that I've started using BBF (back button focus) and it's been a bit of an adjustment (although I'm making great progress!). I guess all this boils down to my camera and I have been getting restless inside the past couple months ;) and we were eager to practice in the sunshine.

Last note: I LOVE our neighborhood, and I'm really looking forward to more walks and more green :)

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