March 23, 2015

christian & rachel visit: NYC

 ^^ Not all subways are stroller friendly.... has some great NYC guides,
 including a map with working elevators. ^^

^^ haha ^^

^^ All I wanted was a cute picture of my kids and I in central park.... Asking too much I guess ;) ^^

^^ our tiny trooper (yes TROOPER Rachel!) It was a really long day. ^^

^^ This was as close as we got to the Statue of Liberty. Can you see her? ^^

It's hard to believe we were walking around this great city a week ago. It was a REALLY long day,  and much colder than we expected, but I think we all agreed it was worth it :) All day long I had songs about NYC stuck in my head. 

We woke up early and drove the four and a half hours to Brooklyn. We'd heard of a great pizza place in Brooklyn not far from the Brooklyn bridge, so we parked there so we could get dinner at the pizza place before heading home. We took the subway up almost to Central Park and walked and walked and walked seeing a few of the MANY sights to see along our walk back to Brooklyn. Incase you missed that, we walked from Central Park (in and around it, too) all the way to Brooklyn. 13 MILES. It was kinda crazy. But after our first subway ride we decided we'd rather walk. Who goes all the way to New York City to sit underground?!

I'd love to go back when it's a little bit warmer and greener. But even in winter, it was a great place to be. My favorite part was all the pops of yellow from the street lights, taxis, buses and signs. Yellow was clearly the color of New York.

So glad we went. It was pretty amazing, and now Rachel and I can officially say we've accomplished one of our dreams of visiting New York City!

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