March 25, 2015

we found the sun on SUNday

^^ why can't they smile at the same time... :) ^^

^^ "Okay guys, look at mommy and smile!"  #attitude ^^

I feel pretty comfortable saying this winter has been the hardest one I can remember. It feels like it's been oh so long since we've enjoyed the warm sun on our skin. Spring seems to be taunting us here in Baltimore... I know it won't last forever, but it's starting to feel like it might.

Sunday the sun came out from behind the clouds and even though it was still chilly, it felt good to pretend spring was here. And these kiddos, they're the best aren't they?! It's especially good to remember how great they CAN be, because today has been one of those days where too many things have been broken, chewed on, and basically my buttons were all pushed a long time ago.... Happy Wednesday loves.

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