March 24, 2015

christian & rachel visit: DC sights

Somehow Christian talked the lot of us into heading to DC, after getting home from NYC the night before at 1am? 2am? I don't remember... But it was our last full day with Christian and Rachel and they weren't about to let it go to waste lazying about at home. And I'm REALLY glad they pushed us out the door. It was well worth it. We rented bikes from Bike and Roll for a few hours, which was really nice after walking the streets of NY the day before :) It was such a beautiful day we didn't go inside any museums, but we did the circuit and played on a lawn across from the Washington Monument for a while. Definitely the highlight for Luke and Madeline! And sorry for the lack of pictures... or maybe it's refreshing ha. Let's just say my skills when it comes to simultaneously photographing and riding a bike could use a little work.

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