May 7, 2013

magic mommy kisses

Last week Madeline bumped her finger and immediately came running to me. She was quite obviously in distress and held the previously mentioned sore finger up in the air. I had no idea what she wanted me to do with her little finger until she pressed it to my lips for a kiss and cheerfully went on her way. My heart melted. And it wasn't just a one time thing. It's happened multiple times since then and every  time she asks for one of my magic mommy kisses, my heart melts again. How grateful I am to be her mother.

And if you can't tell, Madeline is all girl. She'll bring me my heels and necklaces to walk around the house. When I'm fixing my hair she grabs a brush and a curling iron (don't worry it's not plugged in) to 'fix her hair' too. She loves when I tickle her cheeks with a make-up brush and she can try on hats all day. She is my little girl and I love her.

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  1. Yay for magic momma kisses :) Bri has been on this 'burned' kick where she will pretend to cook on her play kitchen and accidentally burn her finger and come running to get a kiss saying 'burned' while she holds her finger for a kiss :)


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