July 29, 2013

we're having a....BOY!

And believe me when I say we're glad to be done with all the "it...  he/she business when refering to the baby".   I realize I shared our exiting news on facebook last week, but I couldn't let this exciting time go undocumented. Plus I finally scanned the ultrasound pictures!  We had such a perfect ultrasound. My dad is a radiologist and has a coworker who's an amazing sonographer so he was kind enough to pull a couple strings and get us an appointment with her. She was GREAT! We didn't have the best experience at our ten week ultrasound in Baltimore, so we were beyond thrilled to have her. She really took her time with us, explained everything that was going on, reassured us he was healthy as she checked all his vital organs and took so many great 'pictures' (20 to be exact. but don't worry, I narrowed it down for you :)  Our favorite was when our little man flexed his arm. I think it's the fourth picture down. It says, "my popeye arm!"  My buff brothers are convinced they'll like their little nephew. 

I'm sure loving this stage of pregnancy. I love that I've still got this little boy all to myself. I've tried to have Jeremy feel some kicks, but little man just isn't big enough yet. It's been great to finally envision our little family. I can't wait for Christmas! Can't wait to snuggle our little baby BOY! Can't wait to watch our boy grow and see who he becomes. Everything is feeling much more real, and I can't wait to see all the future has in store for us.


  1. I am so excited for you =) congrats! Boys are so fun!!

  2. We are so excited! WOO HOO! Having a girl first and then a boy---totally a fan :)


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