July 29, 2014

"mommy, I love you too"

Madeline and I each have a caption for this photo. I'll go first - The kids were up ALL night. At least one of them was awake every two hours, both of them a couple times. I realize people have kids who don't sleep well, but ours have always been pretty great and I didn't handle this rare occurrence very well. I was kind of a mess this morning... and decided I deserved a nap, so when Luke laid down for his morning nap, I provided Madeline with a plethora of entertainment. Of course she interrupted me every five minutes. GAH!!!!! Cue me losing it, raising my voice and immediately feeling bad about it.... Before I had a chance to apologize, her two little arms encircled my neck and the sweetest little voice whispered,"mommy, I love you too..." She wasn't trying to make me feel guilty, she just wanted to let me know she loves me. How have I been so blessed!?

Madeline's response after looking at this picture was,"Oh, I think there's a bug in my nose." Kind of looks like it ;) 

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