May 7, 2015

the days are long but the years are short

I've written about this before, but my kids are always going through phases. I assume most kids do, we've gone through lots of wonderful phases, and some hard ones, too. Right now we're going through a couple of tough ones. Luke has been sporting quite the violent streak lately. He smiles, then slaps you in the face, or pinches your neck. AHHHHH! He's often pulling pictures off walls or slamming lamps to the ground. 

Madeline is really into tying things together. She ties string, scarves, neck ties, anything really, into big elaborate knots. Today when I went to grab an apron I discovered they were all strung together.  On another occasion I found a chair tied to the table. *sigh*

It's been an exhausting couple of weeks. 

But yesterday, when I stumbled upon these photos of squishy baby Luke with only two teeth, covered in baby food, I was reminded of how quickly life is going by and how much I've already forgotten.

I remember taking these pictures, but that face at seven months old, I might have forgotten it.

As long as the days can be, I'm so glad to be here. Glad to be their mom, the one who kisses their scrapes and sings them to sleep. The one who slices strawberries and makes peanut-butter sandwiches each day.

Hey, we made it through the baby food stage, and we'll make it through diapers. And biting and pinching, too. 

Someday I'll look back and miss these little babes of mine and I have a sneaking suspicion all the hard phases will fade into nothingness. 

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