October 9, 2015

not so much a baby

 ^^ He sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating :) It's a Fullmer thing... ^^

In the past few days Luke has gotten really good at finding quiet (and not destructive) ways to entertain himself. It's wonderful. And I'm loving it. But this morning I had a brief moment of sadness knowing my baby boy is not so much a baby anymore. Babies don't quietly build with legos for thirty minute stretches... 

I'm sure there is plenty more destruction to come from this handsome almost two year old, it's just nice, and also strange, to not be in the throws of babyhood. Months ago I shared that we're not ready to have another baby, and while that's still true, I think we're getting closer to ready to think about it :)  It feels good to know someday we'll be there again. But it also feels good to be enjoying this stage of life with two kids who require less stuff for every outing, can do more, eat anything, walk further and communicate.  We have two kids playing with their dad's old legos, how crazy is that?!

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