December 24, 2011

The very best...

...gingerbread you ever did have! 
We made gingerbread houses over at the Fullmer house the other night.
It was a lot of fun! We've never really done it in my family before. There were four groups (and therefore four houses).  This first one is the 'Wells' house.  Can you see Jeremy, Madeline and I outside? Standing next to our teeny-tiny door? haha.

My BEAUTIFUL roof! Come now, give me some props! Isn't it gorgeous?
{I'm not proud at all...}
Group 2: Mom, Adam, Emma, Elizabeth

Snowman chillin' in the back yard
Group 3: Dad, Christian, Joshua

Complete w/ fire-pit out front

Arial view
Group 4: Peter, Hannah, Rachel

If you've heard of the 'I'm a Mormon' campaign 
(In association with the LDS Church)
You'll get a kick out of seeing Peter's ''billboard'' leaning against the bottom of the house. It's Santa saying, 'I'm a Mormon'. haha.HA.

Hope your days are merry and bright!


And fyi, "Santa is still watching! Even though it's Christmas Eve he still has camera's all over the North Pole facing in EVERY direction!" -- My six year old brother, Joshua, encouraging my four year old sister, Emma, to stop fighting with Elizabeth, our two year old sister. 


  1. cute! And I'm VERY impressed with that roof! That must have taken forever!

    I love the pictures! :o)

  2. That roof is amazing! Also, Joshua = cutest thing ever.


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