April 11, 2012

being a mom

It seems like growing up from time to time I'd hear my mom mention to a friend that motherhood is all worth it.  That it's gratifying and wonderful and worth all the work.  I thought I knew what that meant.  And then I had a baby.  I can't even explain what a wonderful privilege it is to be a mom.  I love my little girl with all my heart.  Even though there are lots of sacrifices that have to be made (clean kitchen, personal hygiene, sleep, body image, money, space, time) she is so worth it!  Sometimes I go into her room at night and I just watch her. I watch her little chest move up and down and I listen to her even breathing and occasional sigh. Other times I'll see a picture of her.  A picture I took and that I've seen many times and my heart starts beating faster and faster overwhelmed by the unconditional love I feel for her and then it just stops.  And I take in that moment.  That moment of peace and quiet where I can ponder how lucky I am.  How lucky I am that my Heavenly Father saw fit to bless me with my beautiful Madeline.  I ponder birth and life.  Time and eternity.  I marvel that I can love one little person so much; then I marvel at how much my Heavenly Father must love me.  

And for a little comic relief (especially if you're having one of those days)
here's a video that just might make you pee your pants.  
Also, I'm not ready to be a mother of two.  I'm quite enjoying 
just one little baby that can't crawl or walk or get into much trouble quite yet.
Hard to imagine my days filled with errands and lunches and school, etc.
But I'm sure that day will be here before I know it.

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