April 16, 2012

first shoulder ride

Jeremy gave Madeline her first shoulder ride the other day. 
 She kinda loved it....

"mmmm... hair"

"Take this daddy-o"

"Oh I'm not supposed to spit up here/now?"

"shhh.... don't tell dad. tee heehee"

"Mom stop laughing he's gonna realize what I did!"

"Oh well.  He can't do anything about it now!"

"I'm in trouble aren't I..."

"Well I guess I'll slather it up in his hair while I'm still up here!"
{notice it running down Jeremy's ear and shirt and Madeline's foot ha}

"la la la la la"

Look at the camera,  "See mom clean face now!"

"Back to business"

Happy baby who may be just a bit smug

.....he kinda didn't love it so much.  
Weird that he didn't like that whole getting spit up on thing.
Moral of the story?  Don't give babies shoulder rides right after they eat.
They may rub spit up into your hair/shirt/ear.

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  1. HAHAHA my daughter used to spit up in my husbands hair all of the time. I am so glad she never did it to me. Pretty funny!


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