May 25, 2012

arches national park

Over a year ago husband and I were sitting in our little tree house imagining a trip to arches national park.  Just the two of us. Turns out if you want to camp in arches national park you need to make a reservation way in advance.  So we wiped the tears off of pregnant wife's cheeks and promised to take a family trip with the three of us right after graduation.  And that's just what we did. We're so glad Madeline could make it.  

I was simply flaber-gasted by the beautiful piece of heaven we got to explore.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but my imagination sure didn't come up with anything close to the amazing beauty we experienced.  These pictures are from day one of our couple days there.  We had planned to leave our empty apartment early that morning so we'd have lots of time day one.  I think we got there at about 5:00pm.  But it turned out great.  We set up camp, went for a little hike that resulted in the most beautiful sunset I have ever beheld.  We actually hiked to see the arch that's in only two of the sixty-something pictures I just bombarded you with, but everything else took my breath away just a little bit more.  

I think we learned two important lessons that day.  Make that three:  (1) It will take three times as long to finish packing up your apartment and clean it and get on the road for vacation so don't even plan on getting out of the house early (2) If you want a family picture to be in focus, put it on auto before handing it to some random person who kindly volunteered to take it for you otherwise you and your family will be out of focus (3) When hiking at sunset, hike quickly if you don't want to attempt making dinner in the dark.  It's a lot easier with daylight than a teeny tiny flashlight.  


  1. Oh I just love all of these pictures! Isn't Arches so special? It's one of my favorite places.

  2. Ah, that looks SO fun! I am so bummed we didn't make it down there. Awesome pictures!


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