May 14, 2012

hunger games: better late than never...?

oh hunger games.  I finally got to see you.  husband and I have had our eyes on you for a long time. We just don't love you enough to spend $20 big ones to go see you.  So we waited until we found a Regal Cinemas because it just so happens that we have a gift card.  Last little gift card from our wedding {almost a year and a half ago!} But dear hunger games, you were worth the wait.  You were wonderful and exciting with just enough gore to make it like the book and not make me loose my cookies.  Also you made me cry.  Being a mom makes me cry a lot more than I used to.  And I have to admit I don't think it's hormones anymore.  I think I just officially now have a stronger connection to my more emotional self. I realize the hype is kind of over and done, but there ya go.  We probably won't see the Avengers for like three months. Actually we'll probably red-box-it {have we made that a verb yet? well I just beat you all to it}.  

oh and hey readers.  All beautiful 27 of you.  I realize I've been kind of MIA the past few weeks... almost month.  Turns out packing and finals and moving and life and keeping up with sibling soccer/football games and music events etc. etc. etc. can keep you busy and make you want to turn out the light at 9 o'clock and hope your baby sleeps forever.  How does my mom do it? 

{a little sneak peak at our trip to arches}

BUT I'm back.  Or I hope to be ha.  And I have so many fun things to share with you.  Like graduation and vacation and birthdays and mother's day and oh you guys we're gonna have fun.  Thanks for sticking around.  And hey I've been keeping up with all of your wonderful blogs so no worries there.

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