September 12, 2012

afternoon walk down Eutaw Place

Obviously we're not in the evergreen state anymore....

Madeline and I were much overdue for some fresh air today.  I often times keep us indoors either because of humidity or the fact that I fear for our lives every time someone walks behind us.  Baltimore has it all: beautiful and scary/sketchy/ugly.  Almost every time I drive somewhere new I thank Heavenly Father for helping us find our apartment.  We live on such a beautiful street and I have a hard time thinking we'd have found it without His help. Today we ventured out for a little walk up and down Eutaw Place. We still think it's pretty funny that we moved from "Utah" to "Eutaw".   Hope you enjoy a little taste of where we live.


  1. Its stunning, so green and lovely. The name is pretty funny, as is the dead evergreen.

  2. I love it! Your neighborhood looks lovely! I LOVE that picture of her peeking out of the stroller!!


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