September 8, 2012

it's here!

One of my favorite memories from when we were dating (and I'm sure Jeremy would agree) is sharing a piano bench.  The summer we got engaged, he was the Ward Mission Leader for the Single's Ward we both attended.  His calling involved arriving to the church a couple hours early to fill the Baptismal Font for each baptism.  There seemed to be a lot of baptisms that year.  

I usually went with him to wait while the water filled up.  There was a piano in the room with the font.  He would play through Hymns and the Children's Songbook and I would sing.  We must have gone through each book twice.  

It was special.  Just the two of us sharing our love for not only music, but the Spirit as well.  

Music has played a special role in both of our lives growing up.  I always knew I wanted music to fill my own home one day.  I knew I wanted little ears to grow up listening to music.  I had planned on surprising Jeremy with a piano for his birthday next year.  I know how much he loves playing, and how much he's missed it since leaving for college.  

When Jeremy told me about the advice one of his professors in Dental School had offered during the first week of class, I knew we needed a piano sooner.  She said, "Is there something you love?  A hobby? A sport?  Don't give that up just because you're busy and in dental school.  You're going to need a small distraction that will get you through these next four years."  

There's not a lot that Jeremy loves to do.  He doesn't have many hobbies and exercising isn't even on his list of things to do.  But he loves the piano.  It relieves him of stress and helps him to regroup. 

So I started looking on Craig's List and finally came across just what we were looking for.  A piano... that we could afford.  

We are so excited! Obviously we'd love to have something a little newer and a little more Yamaha baby grand, but for now it is the piano of our dreams.  It needs a tune like SO BAD.  But it's here.  And it's ours.  And we are so happy!

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  1. YAY! So happy for you two super musical people. Madeline will LOVE when she can reach those keys! oh, and i think it's beautiful.


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