November 29, 2012

a cute way to announce your pregnancy

Thank you everyone for you sweet words of comfort in response to yesterday's post.  It's true that we had another miscarriage this week.  I was a lot farther a long this time.  Less than 24hours away from our first doctor appointment where I was supposed to be listening to a sweet heartbeat for the first time. Life is just really hard sometimes, ya know?  Why is it that people willing go through abortions every day and yet there's so many women who struggle with infertility or who have miscarriages?  

We really wanted this baby.  The baby's due date would have been Jeremy's birthday.  We were going to miss two family reunions, and we were sad about that, but you just can't be too sad about having a baby.  No matter when it comes.  

I had so many fun plans to tell our family at Christmas.  We'd started talking about different names and I was brainstorming ideas for a nursery/toddler room.  It's amazing how something so real can vanish right before your eyes. 

I promise I won't drag out the whole "I had a miscarriage, wah wah wah".  I'll always be sad about this baby, but several ugly cry sessions have made me feel quite a bit better and I keep reminding myself that Madeline was worth waiting for.  I did, however, want to show you the super cute picture I made to tell Jeremy that we were expecting.  Pretty cute, right?! I don't know how I'll top that with the next pregnancy....  I just had to write 'JULY' instead of 'Baby #2' so we can't use it again.  Oh well...


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Our daughter in law had 2 miscarriages before carrying our granddaughter full-term. It was a very difficult time for her. I never went through that personally. I can only imagine the sadness. I hope you will be comforted through this loss. It must be comforting to know you have had a baby and that it will happen again. Just know we think of you and hope you recover from your grief. You are loved!

  2. Sorry Sarah :( I think you are amazing.

  3. We are so sorry. And we love you. The announcement is darling, did you cut out those shapes free hand? Sending our hugs and prayers to you. - Rachel

  4. I'm so sorry! I totally have the video of how I told mitch about the pregnancy that we ended up losing. A bit ironic!

  5. Bummer, Sarah! The farther along you are, the harder a miscarriage is to accept and deal with. It just feels so SAD and unfair! But the Lord has a plan for all of us, and the most important part of this life is the EXPERIENCE. I always knew that a miscarriage would be hard, but I never really understood it till I experienced it. And that understanding helps me at least sympathize with others. You have my 100% sympathy!

  6. oh sarah, i'm so sorry. my heart is with you and your little family. but that announcement is adorable.


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